“Clipped” recap (1.6): World’s Rudest Barber


If you’ve been watching these first few episodes of Clipped, then by this point you knew it was only a matter of time before Charmaine’s caustic nature got her in trouble. That time is now. Turns out a video of her tearing into a client has gone viral­–116,000 views in 30 days. According to the internet (and I don’t mean my recaps), she’s the “World’s Rudest Barber.” And she is so not bothered.


But Ben is. He can’t have her tainting his “brand,” whatever that is. He demands that from now on she turn on the charm with her customers, but she holds her ground. After all, the video’s out anyway and it’s not like he’s going to fire her. 


Yeah, about that Charmaine…

Despite having her bluff called and being out of work, Charmaine’s not down and out for long. There’s soon a turn of events because, as is typical of the age of social media, everyone wants to get their hair cut by this ruthless barber. And not only is Charmaine not around, A.J.’s off work with a badly injured arm and Buzzy’s even slower than usual. I sense some groveling ahead.

Ben shows up to Char’s manicure appointment (I’m not quite sure how he knew about this. My theory is Danni has unrestricted access to Charmaine’s schedule and told him) and tries to get her back. Like anyone in a good bargaining position, she demands more money. Ben reluctantly agrees to her condition.


So now Buzzy’s really does have a brand–it’s where you get your hair cut if you want to be “treated like crap.” What’s more, everyone needs to up their game now. That includes Joy, who literally farts rainbows (of the Lucky Charms, not gay, variety).

After some initial growing pains, everyone’s gotten pretty good at being mean. But Charmaine’s not happy about this. It’s like the freakin’ Twilight Zone in here.


She tells Ben that Buzzy’s brand is “family,” and that it’s time to go back to the way things were. He’s not having that, but her selfless offer of giving up her raise does make him think twice. To seal the deal, however, all she needed to do was point out what his client base had become–people that offer themselves up to be spit on in alleys. I guess I can see why “Boston’s best bodily fluid-friendly barbershop” didn’t fly as a brand.


Do catch up with us next week to find out what new ways Charmaine has come up with to offend people.

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