Morning Brew – “Steven Universe” confirms Ruby and Sapphire are a gem of a lesbian couple


Good morning!

First, some sad news. It seems any rumors of a Xena reboot have been “greatly exaggerated” and nothing is in the works just yet.

Cartoon Network series Steven Universe has a lesbian couple: a “combined gem” named Ruby and Sapphire. They met and then “danced together to become one whole.” Seriously watching this show now because of this information/gif.


Lesbians Who Tech continue to infiltrate the industry.

Remember the lesbian moms whose daughter was refused by a doctor in Michigan because of her parents’ relationship? Here’s a video update on their story.

Spanish singer Natalie Jiminez helped a lesbian propose to her girlfriend at a concert over the weekend:

“I have been asked to dedicate ‘Por Ser Tu Mujer (To Be Your Woman)’ tonight to someone who wants to propose marriage.”

She said yes!

Here’s a fun story: “How Nigerian Woman Turned Lesbian.”

Caitlin Stasey writes a passionate piece about not getting naked for just anyone who asks.

Lea DeLaria talked with Newsweek about her new album, Twitter feminists and her infamous joke about wanting to sleep with Hilary Clinton

“That’s the joke that gave me a lot of crap,” she said with a heavy sigh. “The queer community was not really pleased with me either. Lesbians especially.”


If you’re in Chicago between now and August 30, check out Loving Repeating, the Gertrude Stein musical. I saw it years ago and I still have some of the songs in my head. (“My wife is my life, and my life is my wife.”)

Tig Notaro told a great story about Jimmy Fallon while on his show this week.

BuzzFeed has a clip of Ruby Rose in this week’s Dark Matter.

The original story of Carmilla (you know, the 1872 novel about a lesbian vampire) inspired a 1972 Mexican horror film called Alucarda, and now THAT film has inspired an album from the female-led metal band Demon Lung. Frontwoman Shanda Frederick talked with Noisey about the inspiration:

“Alucarda is basically a forbidden love story. If you strip away all the Satanic possession, it’s about two girls falling in love and the church trying to keep them apart. There are a lot of themes, and I really think anybody can take something away from this story.”

Miley Cyrus is going to host this year’s VMAs. It’s going down August 30. 

Sarah Paulson spoke with EW about her Emmy nomination.

“I can’t imagine it would ever get old. And if it does, someone should take my SAG card away! I’m a little geeky actress from way back, and there were many years in my career where I was working in a way that was not satisfying to me, or in a way that certainly wasn’t allowing anyone to be even aware of me. So it sounds sort of hokey, but to be a little kid from Tampa, Florida, who dreamt of doing this and who remembers watching every Emmys I can think of … to be included amongst these wonderful people and to be recognized by my peers and to be able to go to that party and sit there in that room and feel a part of that is a really extraordinary feeling.”

Comic-Con International 2015 - "American Horror Story" And "Scream Queens" Panel

In the Washington Post, a lesbian wonders how to stop her church’s bishop from insulting her family with homophobic sermons.

A new documentary is looking to raise the money to tell the story of gay representation on TV. Check out the Kickstarter for Playing Gay from executive producer Wilson Cruz.

Page Six is reporting Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark have broken up but Annie posted a real cute gift from her boo on INstagram yesterday soooo….

Australian photographer Maya Sugihartos‘ series Hidden documents domestic violence within the lesbian and gay community.


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