“Chasing Life” recap (2.03): 99 Problems


Previously on Chasing Life, Brenna met a lovely college student named Margo who we found out is so not straight, Natalie found a “fiction” novel their dad wrote that read more like True Crime, Leo and April decided to get married, and Sara pulled Brenna out of Charton to help with the bills.

Brenna wakes up to an email from Greer that says she misses her and asks how things are going. (We miss you, too, Greer!) Brenna starts to write back about how she’s being forced to leave Charton and that she can’t compete with April’s cancer, so she can’t even complain about it. She’ll just have to sit back and ride it out until graduation. Not that she’s even that surprised; she feels like she has always been in April’s shadow. When she goes downstairs, Sara tries to make light of her last week at Charton by talking about the outfits and offering to take her shopping, all of which Brenna is not interested in. April apologizes that she has to change schools because of her and tries to make things better by asking April to be her maid of honor. Brenna agrees, but doesn’t look the MOST thrilled.

Chasing Life 203-1Maid of Honor is a chore, not a gift.

April gives Brenna duties, including picking up invitations and showing up at a dress fitting. Brenna has film club but she’ll get the invitations and pretend to be glad about it.

At lunch, Ford and the rest of the film club are bummed about Brenna leaving, and when Margo hears the news, she’s pretty upset herself. But she promises to help Brenna finish her film before she’s no longer an official student so it still counts for the festival.

Chasing Life 203-2 I won’t make the make-a-movie-together joke I wanted to.

Ford teases her about Margo’s promise to help, making suggestive eyebrow waggles while Brenna lets herself dare to hope.

After school, Ford and Brenna run to the card shop to get the invitations before film club, but the invitations are spelled wrong and they end up missing the whole thing, getting back to Charton to find an empty room and a sad post-it note where Margo waited as long as she could.

Chasing Life 203-3

Brenna goes to chat with Natalie because she needs to vent, but knows she can’t go to April because her problems, while piling up, still don’t nearly amount to cancer. Speaking of problems, Brenna asks what happened between Natalie and Dom, and Natalie says she’s just tired of feeling unwanted. She blames it on her daddy issues, then apologizes since he was actually a good dad to Brenna. Brenna doesn’t mind though, she’s glad they can have this sisterly bond.

The next day, the ladies all go to the bridal shop to try on dresses. April asks the sales girl for something that will cover her port scars, but the girl looks at her like she has leprosy and runs for her life. Before April can think too long on that, Brenna breezes in, late because she had to say goodbye to all of her friends, but ready to try on dresses. Brenna, Natalie and Beth have quite the adorable bridesmaids dress montage, and the whole things goes significantly better than the dress shop scene in the movie Bridesmaids.

Chasing Life 203-4 These girls could pull off anything, though.

The sales girl continues to treat April like she’ll catch cancer if she gets too close, so Brenna heads off to find someone else to help them and almost runs square into a guy who makes her face go pale and her eyes fill with fear. She turns to run away but gets caught up in her dress and ends up faceplanting. Natalie helps her up and Brenna manages to get out that the guy at the counter is Jake, the guy who got her pregnant two years ago. Natalie immediately launches into Big Sister mode and starts ripping Jake a new one. Brenna decides she needs to go get the invitations immediately, and this whole ordeal worries April. Or, at least the fact that no one will tell her what it’s about worries her.

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