What’s going on with Bianca and Reese?


All My Children spoilers ahead, I tell you, SPOILERS!

OK, everyone, breathe. That sounded more like a sigh. But who can blame us? WTF is happening to Bianca and Reese?

In today’s Ask AfterEllen.com, we got confirmation of last week’s rumor that Eden Riegel (Bianca) is leaving All My Children in a few weeks when her contract expires.

Tamara Braun (Reese) is staying, at least for a while. Rumors are flying that TPTB are trying to get Braun to sign a long-term contract, but nothing is certain.

What that means for Bianca and Reese is anybody’s guess. Their wedding is still slated for next week, but on daytime TV, that means nothing.

Here’s what we know: the spoiler about Reese telling Zach that she has feelings for him turned out to be true. Just as Reese asked him how he feels when he looks at her, the phone rang with the message that Kendall is conscious. Saved by the bell.

Kendall indeed is awake, with little physical evidence that she’s been in a coma for three months, and is not too thrilled with the news that Zach donated sperm to Bianca and her girlfriend.

When Zach brings Reese in to meet Kendall, the vibes are not warm and fuzzy. A wife can tell when a woman is hot for her hubby, ya’ know?

Those facts lead into rumor territory. Word has it that Kendall will ask Zach to kick Bianca and Reese out of his place. That seems feasible, given the fact that I’m not sure any woman would like the idea of her husband having two gorgeous women under the same roof.

The other rumor is rage inducing, however. The soap boards say that the night before the Bianca/Reese nuptials, Reese kisses Zach, full on, and Ryan sees it.

We’ve had “kiss” teasers before that turned out to be Zach giving Reese a peck on the cheek. This one sounds less ambiguous, though. I can’t quite imagine either Ryan or Zach letting Bianca marry Reese if she is questioning her sexuality (and wants more fertilizer from sperm-daddy).

What I’d like to believe is that the kiss is a misunderstanding of some kind and that Reese and Bianca have a beautiful and happy wedding. And that Bianca has to return to Paris on business and that Reese is staying in Pine Valley only long enough to fulfill her work commitments. (Which include building Erica a closet. Bwah!)

But frankly, my hope is fading. Are we in for yet another failed lesbian relationship for Binx? Worse, is Reese a LUZbian (Lesbian Until Zach) who realizes that Bianca was just a phase? Is ABC about to mess up (I’m being polite) the one and only genuine lesbian relationship on television?

What do you think? Have we been set up yet again? What’s coming up on All My Lesbians?