“Complications” recap (1.06): Showdowns for everyone


Meanwhile, Gretchen is still trapped in her jeep with Elio. The creep wants Elio back and he’s not leaving until Gretchen gives him up. So instead of either a.) calling the cops/child protective services (which, granted, isn’t her style), b.) calling John or Jed to come help, or C.) attempting to parallel park her way out of the little space (my personal vote), Gretchen decides to just start ramming the truck behind her and the car in front of her. That is, she does until another guy in the neighborhood pulls out a gun and fires in the air.

Gretchen gets out of the car. The creep tells the dude with the gun what happened (well his version, anyway) and then the gun-wielding guy asks Elio if he knows Gretchen. Elio shakes his head no—dammit, Elio! Gretchen tries to explain what happened, but Elio won’t talk for a while to confirm her story. Finally, when they’re about to take Gretchen away, Elio speaks up. The guy with the gun beats up the creep and tells Gretchen that they’ll find Elio’s family.

photo7“Honestly DGAF that you have a gun in my face, I’m going to protect this kid.”

Back at the police station, Sam has finally arrived. She lawyers the FUCK out of the cops, and tells them that John’s interview is over. It was kind of hot, not gonna lie. The detective tells John that he knows a lot of people with drug problems, and he still doesn’t think John has one. The detective basically tells John that he thinks he’s a nice white guy, and he shouldn’t get involved if those people want to shoot each other. Jesus, at this point, seeing racist cops on TV feels too real and hurts too much, considering all that’s been happening in America. John may have a God complex, but at least he’s not a racist.

John comes out of the station and tries to tell Sam that it was just a friendly chat, but Sam is like, “Nope, that is not a thing that happens.” John tells her that a gang member involved in Antoine’s shooting disappeared from the hospital last night, and the cops wanted to talk to him about it. Sam is like, “Well, you should’ve called a lawyer, you knucklehead.” Accurate. So accurate. John tells her that it’s over and fine now.

John is for sure NOT FINE, you guys. He gets home and punches the door, and gets surprised by his dad. Gary tries to relate what John is going through to his time in combat. Gary pegs John for all his shit – like how he wants to control the world, and he’s angry when he can’t. He also tells John that he has felt that way, and tells him not to make the same mistakes he did. Gary finally tells John to get some rest. YES. DO THAT PLEASE.

Back across town, Gretchen is driving away from the whole Elio-confrontation, and she gets a collect call from Jed. He went down to the medical records to steal some more stuff because he needs the cash, but he got caught like a dummy. Now he’s in jail and they’re asking him lots of questions about the hospital. Gretchen is like, “Jed, no matter what, you cannot talk to them.” But Jed is really freaking out. And so am I, because WHO IS TAKING CARE OF JED’S CAT? HOW ARE THE URINE CRYSTALS? THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW.

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