“Complications” recap (1.06): Showdowns for everyone


Meanwhile, Sam is talking with a co-worker about important business things (IDK), but John’s dad, Gary, calls her. He wants to know what John’s deal is because he found a note saying that John stepped out. Gary asked the cop outside, and the cop told him that John actually left with a detective. Sam is alarmed, so she asks her business dude friend to reschedule their meeting. Business dude is not happy about that.

The detective brings John to the station and takes him down to an interrogation room. God, I really, really don’t like this detective. What a dick. He asks John if he knows where Antoine Tyler is; John assumes that he was discharged. The detective tells him there was no discharge or transfer, and the hospital didn’t know. John’s like, “Welp, that’s a shame, but I don’t know! He stopped being my patient so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ” The detective counters that John had already checked up on him a couple of times, so he’s surprised John doesn’t know. John is, for sure, cracking under the pressure of this jerk’s questioning and his lack of sleep.

Back over at the pederass’ apartment, Gretchen is trying to convince the creep that Elio has to go with her because she found a rash. Obviously, the creep doesn’t want him to go. Just when you think maybe Gretchen is going to be semi-reasonable, step away, and call child protective services, she goes ahead and kicks the creep in the balls instead. A+. Gretchen and Elio run, but before they can pull away, the creep blocks them in with his truck.

photo5 I really feel like Gretchen could probably get out of this spot.

Sam calls the police station from her car and asks about John, but they won’t really tell her much. Back at the station, the detective returns with a bunch of photographs. (Oh, also, I don’t know about anyone else, but I was hella confused about the timeline. According to the detective, Antoine was shot just over a week ago. The more you know™.)

The detective uses the photographs to point out all the sketchy stuff John has done since Antoine’s shooting. TBH, he’s pretty much dead on with all his assumptions; he thinks John is working for the gang. The detective hands John a folder—he wants John to become an informant. The detective says if John comes clean about everything, John will receive minimal jail time. John’s about to continue lying about how he knows nothing, when the detective tells him to hold up and let him explain what will happens if John doesn’t take the deal. John will be charged with assault, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, maybe kidnapping, and probably get like ten years of jail time. Shit is getting pretty real, y’all.

John hears Darius’ voice in his head and decides not to take the deal. The detective’s like, “Well, then you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.” John is, impressively, able to spin an elaborate yarn about how he became addicted to drugs after his daughter died. He saw Antoine’s shooting because he was in that neighborhood to buy drugs. Later, he was in withdrawal and that’s why he attacked the dudes in the waiting room. And just last night, the reason the detective couldn’t find him was because he was self-medicating. The detective thinks that sounds like a pretty damn convenient story, so John tells him to call and ask Bridget about it.

The detective calls Bridget and asks her about John’s activities at 3am last night in the Physical Therapy wing. At first, Bridget sort of tries to lie, saying she doesn’t really know what the detective is talking about, and that last night was really busy. When the detective is about to hang up, Bridget is like, “Wait, it is physically paining me to not tell you the truth.” She literally can’t help herself! It’s pretty adorable. Bridget tells the detective that she suspects John was on morphine last night.

photo6“FUCK, it is EXHAUSTING to be this moral.”

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