“Complications” recap (1.06): Showdowns for everyone


Back at the Ellison household, John is sleeping (FINALLY), but Bridget calls and wakes him up. She asks him to explain why she saw him disposing of a needle last night. He tells her that he was giving himself an antibiotic shot because he felt a sore throat coming on. Bridget is like, “Bullshit that’s what you did.” She tells John that she saw the vial of morphine, too. John is trying to come up with an explanation, but someone is knocking incessantly at his door. He tells Bridget that he’ll call her back, and she is not happy with his lack of explanation.

photo3“John, I literally cannot deal with you anymore.”

The detective is at the door, and he wants John to come with him. He brings John to the fast food restaurant parking lot, the scene of the first shooting last night. He asks John if he recognizes any of the dudes. John says no, but obviously he does. John just wants to go home; he hasn’t slept in approximately three years. The detective brings up CJ again in the car—witnesses put CJ at the Antoine shooting scene, so obviously John did meet him. The detective is a real dick, let me tell you that. He decides that he and John need to talk some more at the station.

Across town, Gretchen finally finds Elio! She talks to a dude that tells her some gang guys came over and broke the news about Elio’s sister. He’s letting Elio stay with him and his wife until they can track down Elio’s family in Arizona. The guy is being a total pederass-looking creep and touching on Elio, so Gretchen says that she has to do a quick exam for her paperwork.


Oh god, you guys, there are dolls in the apartment. Creepy ones! (Let’s be real though: ALL dolls are creepy.) The guy’s wife had a stroke and seems to be pretty much non-responsive. Gretchen takes Elio to the bathroom and asks him if he’s okay. She gives Elio the bracelet his older sister was wearing. She asks him if the reason Elio’s sister said he wasn’t safe was because of the creepy guy. Elio tells Gretchen that his sister said to stay away from the creep. There also is no uncle in Arizona! Ruh roh!

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