“Complications” recap (1.06): Showdowns for everyone


Previously on Complications, so many people got shot! Like, all the people. Also, the girl who initially started all the shooting died in the hospital, effectively orphaning her little brother, Elio. John performed secret surgery on Darius, but Bridget saw him dispose of some morphine—so you know she’s gonna be all over that information because she has no chill.

11 Months Ago

John, a very sick-looking Becky, and the rest of the family are out to dinner at hibachi for Becky’s birthday. The restaurant doesn’t want to seat them by the grill because Becky’s oxygen tank is a safety concern. Listen, I’m all about making sick little kids happy, but an oxygen tank next to an open flame is 100% a fire hazard! John goes from zero to 100 in about two seconds (as per usual), and he tells the host that if his family can’t sit at a grill table he will burn the building down. Sure, John. That’s a reasonable reaction.



Gretchen and John are (not so patiently) waiting for someone who is an hour late. It’s Darius! He needs his wound checked, but he doesn’t like the fact that John told/brought Gretchen along. Gretchen, of course, is having none of Darius’s suspicion, and she tells him that he can go “get gangrene and die” for all she cares.

photo1“Oh HELL no. I did not break multiple laws just to deal with your bullshit.”

Darius actually likes and appreciates Gretchen’s sass. We all do, Darius. Once inside, they find out that Antoine’s wound is slightly infected, but John and Gretchen seem unfazed by his condition. Darius asks John how shit went down at the hospital after he left. John tells him what happened and Darius wants to know if John told the cop anything. John says no, but Darius is a bit incredulous. John’s like, “Listen, bro, you threatened me and I did what you asked, so leave me alone!” Darius gives him a knowing smirk and is like, “LOL if you want to believe I forced you into something, okay, but I don’t think so.”

After Darius leaves, John notices that Gretchen stole the file of the dead girl/shooter from the hospital. Gretchen tells him that she just want to make sure the girl’s little brother is okay. John doesn’t thinks it’s safe for her, but Gretchen doesn’t give a fuck and she doesn’t want to wait for child services to get involved.

John arrives home, where there’s still a cop posted outside. It’s amazing to me that the Atlanta PD has the resources to keep an officer at John’s house full time! Anyway, John tries to study with Ollie, but Ollie isn’t into it. Sam tells John that Ollie worries about him when he’s gone. Sam also tells John to get some goddamn sleep, and I agree. I literally cannot even remember if John has slept more than, like, an hour since this show started.

Meanwhile, Gretchen is driving around and looking for the girl’s little brother, Elio, in a bad neighborhood, when Jed calls looking for some money to borrow. He was counting on the money from the stolen files that they weren’t able to sell. His cat has crystals in his urine, OKAY? Gretchen has no money and, also, is not feeling overly chatty, so she hangs up and gets out to look for the apartment Elio is at.

photo2You the real hero, cat.

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