“Rookie Blue” recap (6.04): Let it go


At the station, Andy asks Chloe how she was so wise about the prisoner and his wife’s relationship stuff, and Chloe says that she understood, because she was doing the same thing as that woman. She convinced herself she was waiting for someone, someone she knew deep down would never work out. She knew because, just like the prisoner’s wife, she has Dov’s favorite beer in her locker.

But maybe it’s time for Chloe to let go, too.

Rookie Blue 604-5The cold never bothered me anyway.

In the de-gunning room (I’m sure there’s a better name for that room but whatever), Duncan asks Gail if she thinks he’s a tool for dancing with the kids. She does think he’s a tool, but she thinks dancing with the kids was great—outreach, good for the kiddos. Duncan asks if she’s being nice because she’s dying, which seems like a reasonable assumption when it comes to Gail, and she goes stony-faced and says yes. Duncan starts to panic and stammer until Gail breaks into her best smile and laughs her best laugh. Then she tells him that she wants to take secret hip hop lessons, and visions of Hanna Marin dance in my head.

Rookie Blue 604-6“If Alison Hendrix can twerk, so can I.”

Chloe comes in and Gail says hi all sweet while motioning to Duncan that if he says anything about these dance lessons she will kill him dead.

Chloe then asks Duncan on a not-date to drink the beers in her locker, and Duncan can’t believe his freaking luck.

Outside, Dov gives margo a pizza box full of bomb papers he was supposed to throw out. Dov had a great day on the street today, but he realizes now that he wants to be in Intelligence. Which seems ironic to me, but we’ll give it to him.

When Juliet comes back, Andy asks her about Nick and what happened with Marco, but Juliet just tells her to ask him herself. Juliet then heads out to meet up with Nick and tend to his wounds.

Rookie Blue 604-7“Romeo and Juliet had a happy ending, right?”

Nick kisses her in lieu of a thank you, because who wouldn’t kiss that face?

What did you think of “Letting Go”? Who’s excited for the potential of Gail Peck hip hop dancing?

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