“Rookie Blue” recap (6.04): Let it go


Dov and Chris find the prisoner, chase him, lose him, then follow his trail to a woman’s apartment, where they find an orange jumpsuit. A woman comes home while they’re there, and freaks out a little. But when they explain why they’re in her apartment, she explains that the prisoner is her husband. Who she met on a prison dating website. I didn’t even know prisoners were allowed to use the internet. Or are they using the smartphones hidden in bathroom stalls and tool sheds?

Andy and Juliet figure out that Nick was in the car when his parents were killed, and so was his brother, who none of them even knew existed. His brother named Finn.

Gail and Duncan are out, watching for the prisoner but also some kids with killer dance moves. Duncan says they should dance too, because he looked at her bucket list, and dance lessons were totally on it.

Rookie Blue 604-3That was code for something gay.

A kid invites Duncan to dance and Gail lets him go, while starting to feel the beat a little herself.

Using intel Chloe gives her on why someone might want to date a prisoner and the promise that her husband would go back to prison if he was caught, Traci gets the prisoner’s wife to give up his ex’s address.

When Nick left the precinct, he took his gun and went to the bar where Marco was hanging out. He orders a bourbon and starts chatting the man up. They share stories; mistakes and regrets, all that jazz. Eventually the car accident comes up, and Marco admits he was drunk and hit a family of four, and then ran away instead of owning up to his crimes. Before Nick can react, Juliet comes in and says that someone left their lights on. Nick takes the hint and goes outside with her, where she does not mince words. She comes right out and confronts him about who this man is, and how he lied to her pretty little face.


Nick points out that she’s been lying to him since the day they met. She has no counter-argument so she lets him go inside, supposedly to tie things up. But instead, Nick invites Marco out for a drink at a different bar, and they leave, using the back door (not a euphemism).

Dov and Chris catch up to the prisoner at his ex’s house, where he was trying to leave her flowers despite the fact that they broke up five years ago and she wants nothing to do with him. He pleads with her, saying he’s dying, but Dov says they talked to his doctor and he’s going to be just fine. His ex is incredibly unimpressed.

Marco takes Nick up to a rooftop, where Marco talks about how he’s a drunk, and every morning he wakes up is a surprise to everyone, and how he thinks about falling off the roof all the time because he’s too chicken to jump. Nick asks if the hit and run plays into his drinking and guilt ever, and Marco says sure that’s part of it, though he has a daughter he abandoned and a wife he let down too. Juliet tries to catch up to them but Nick locks her out and confronts Marco, who by now has figured out who Nick is. Marco says a kid was driving, not Nick’s father, and that even though he was drunk and speeding, it was Nick’s car that came across the line and hit him. Nick doesn’t want to hear that, so they tussle a bit, and end up with Marco dangling from the edge. Marco yells at Nick, begs him to end it, to let go. And Nick does let go, but not physically. He pulls him up, and arrests him.

Nick goes back to see his brother and tells Finn that he turned Marco in. Finn is disappointed, he had been hoping for a more bloody kind of revenge. But Nick’s not that kind of guy. Also Nick has a question—he checked the police reports and wants to hear the truth from Finn about who was driving that night. Finn confesses that their father was tired and he took over driving, and that he’s glad it was him that ended up in the chair and not his little brother.

Nick lets go one more time and leaves Finn alone in his apartment.

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