“Rookie Blue” recap (6.04): Let it go


Previously on Rookie Blue, Nick played Romeo to Juliet’s…well, Juliet, Andy became suspicious of Juliet’s secret past, and Gail met a prisoner who gave her a new perspective on parenthood.

We open at the Black Penny, where Nick immediately starts his daily attempt to win Juliet over, but Andy swoops in to crotchblock, still wary of Juliet’s intentions.

When Andy gets back to her own table, Gail asks her and Traci for advice. She’s making a pre-Sophie bucket list and doesn’t know what to put on it, because most of the things people have on their bucket list are more like nightmares than dreams for Gail Peck.

Rookie Blue 604-1Anything that doesn’t involve people. Or lunchboxes.

Duncan comes over and asks why Gail is making a bucket list, and Gail hilariously says it’s because she’s going shopping for buckets. Because Gail is, has been, and always will be the best one.

Meanwhile, Chloe tries to get Dov to talk to her but he’s more interested in talking about a possible move to the intelligence department.

The next day, Chloe is hurting, saying that she stayed til last call with Juliet. Nick’s phone rings and Chloe convinces him to answer it, on speakerphone since he’s driving. The man on the phone is named Finn and based on the way Nick hangs up right quick and shuffles her out of the car, she knows something weird is afoot.

Nick goes to this mysterious Finn’s apartment, who gives him a license plate and sends him after a man who they both seem to have been looking for. Finn says he would go after him, but he’s in a wheelchair, so it’s up to Nick.

Dov finds a very pregnant Margo packing up their evidence room bombing investigation, saying the powers that be decided it was Ted and since Ted is dead, the case is closed.

The Crime of the Week is a man who was in prison, and was in the hospital for chemo when he attacked his doctor with a scalpel and escaped. Juliet and Nick are paired up, and he lies and uses the license plate Finn gave him as a fake lead. Once he finds the truck, he slashes its tires, and lies again, saying he has a migraine and wants to go back to the station.

Not too long after, Andy sees Nick leaving the precinct in plainclothes and asks Juliet what’s up. Juliet mentions his migraines, but Andy knows Nick very well and has never seen him have a migraine.

Rookie Blue 604-2What’s the female version of a pissing contest?

Andy asks Juliet to be real with her, so Juliet walks her through what just happened with the license plate and the bar. They trace the plates and find out it belongs to a guy named Marco, so they start to look into him.

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