Valentine’s Day gets gay with


In a longstanding tradition, New York’s Empire State Building allows wedding ceremonies to take place at the top on Valentine’s Day only. This year, though, will include a same-sex ceremony for the first time ever.

Brides-to-be Jessica Chesnutt and Natalie Sauro of Park Slope, Brooklyn, entered a contest to be one of the lucky 14 couples to win a wedding overlooking New York City. The website is obviously a fan of lesbian weddings — they recently covered the upcoming All My Children commitment ceremony between Bianca and Reese, which is also a first, as there’s never been a same-sex wedding depicted on daytime TV. Their rural Connecticut ceremony will air two days after Chesnutt and Sauro’s recreation of An Affair to Remember.

All 14 weddings at the Empire State Building will be streamed live on, so we’re all invited. Jessica and Natalie’s scheduled at 8:30 a.m. ET (now that’s commitment!)

And while we don’t know what is going to happen with Bianca and Reese in the future, we can only hope they will have a drama-free wedding and reception, despite it being completely uncharacteristic of soap operas altogether.