“Orange is the New Black” recap (3.13): Trust No Bitch


The inmates run through the open fence and down to a large lake, which they immediately jump into. It’s a beautifully shot, uplifting sequence as the inmates run into the water and celebrate this taste of freedom. Gerber freaks out while Luschek turns tail and heads back into his office. Black Cindy sees her opportunity for a mikvah and rushes into the lake. Flaca and Maritza splash each other as Suzanne dives in head first. Tucky sits on Big Boo’s shoulders as she plays chicken against Leanne.

or26Somebody better call FedEx cuz I’m shipping it

or27Okay now I’m emotional

Maureen gets nipped by a turtle and tosses it to Suzanne, who retrieves it and brings it back to her. It’s adorable, but I hope that turtle is okay. Soso and Poussey float on their backs and hold hands. Is this the beginning of Sossey? Daya reunites with Aleida and they sit together with their toes in the sand. Norma and Red sit beside each other and watch the women frolic in the lake. It is life-affirming and powerful.

or28Praise Adonai!

While the inmates enjoy their freedom swim, MCC is replacing their beds with bunk beds and bussing in more prisoners. New inmates flood into the prison, bringing with them endless stories for next season.

or29And on the thirteenth episode, Norma rested. And it was good.

And that’s a wrap on season three, Oranginas! What are your final thoughts on this season? Do you want to see Ruby Rose return or stay in Max? Will we ever see Nicky Nichols again? Tweet me your finale feels @ChelseaProcrast.

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