“Chasing Life” recap (2.02): They don’t make us wear signs or anything


Previously on Chasing Life, Dom was being weird around April so Natalie broke up with him, April found out she wasn’t in remission and has to start a clinical trial, Natalie found a novel their dad wrote about planning his own death, and Brenna joined her school’s film club where she met a super cute college girl.

We open on April floating in a pool, eyes blank, mind wandering.

Chasing Life 202-1I can’t decide if this was supposed to be a death fake-out or not.

Then we flash to two days earlier. April and Leo are being cute in the Carver Kitchen, sassing back and forth about things like the fact that April’s not changing her last name and exactly how many seconds Leo will live without a flesh wound if he ever calls April “woman” again.

They were going to go get their marriage license, but they would have to get married within 60 days, and April has to pick a clinical trial today, so they decide to put it off.

April goes to Dr. Hamburg and asks for a few more days to research, but when Hamburg suggests a specific one that happens to be outpatient, April decides to just go with it. She’ll start on Monday.

Chasing Life 202-2She looks thrilled about this option, eh?

Sara is at the house going through the bills, April’s medical expenses starting to catch up to them, especially now that April is out of a job. Emma jokes that if Sara pushed her down the stairs they’d be able to cash in, but Sara and I don’t think that’s very funny. Sara realizes they’re going to have to make some sacrifices, and figures that since Brenna hates her fancy school anyway, that will probably be the first thing to go.

Speaking of Brenna, she’s leading a film club project about how fluid modern sexuality is. In this film, Ford will play a girl torn between two men who end up being more into each other than her anyway. One of the dudebros is worried about other people seeing it, but Brenna says it will look good on applications, so they’re in. An argument that impresses Margo. (Someone Ford is also trying desperately to impress.)

Chasing Life 202-3I like Margo. She can stay.

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