“The Rich Man’s Daughter” recap (1.24-1.31): How Not To Turn a Woman Straight


WOW. This week is a very rape-heavy recap. I don’t know what happened, but I think one of the writers at The Rich Man’s Daughter just woke up and was like, “We need more rape!” because it is suddenly everywhere. There are three separate scenes in which men try to rape lesbians in parking garages or near/inside of cars. Conclusion: parking lots/cars of any kind are not safe for lesbians! I’m serious.

We left off with Althea rescuing Jade from being sent away to China at the airport. They take one second to be happy about their good luck.


Okay, the moment is over. Now we are back to problem-city. Batchi’s daughter is being teased at school for having two mommies. Batchi tries to explain that there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

cute batchi

Simultaneously, Amanda, Jade’s mom, expresses her concerns that Jade will be mocked for being a lesbian (as if she is suddenly pretending this is the only reason she disapproves).


Meanwhile, Jade’s brother, Gabriel, has enough of his blah wife, Pearl, and tells her he wants to annul the marriage.

tired of lies

Pearl is shocked, and slaps him very lightly.

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