“Complications” recap (1.5): Gang Fight Night


Quentin relents, and they stop the cops before they can take the shooter out of the hospital. Quentin does a quick check and confirms that she may have an internal bleed and that she can’t leave. They tell the girl that she needs surgery, but she keeps saying that she has to talk to her little brother because he’s not safe where he is. Quentin calms her down and explains that, first, they need to take care of her. I would like Quentin to be my doctor- he’s a good winker.


Gretchen is obviously shaken by the encounter. She goes outside for a quick cigarette break and calls her sister. Ingrid! I miss you. Ingrid doesn’t answer, so Gretchen leaves a message. What a little marshmallow.

photo6 “Hey sis, it’s me. I guess I just kind of missed you. Or whatever.”

Inside, John sees that Sam is calling him. He might actually be about to answer, but then he sees some blood on the floor and follows the trail. He at least manages to text Sam that he can’t talk, so that’s something. Darius is on the floor, bleeding everywhere. OBVIOUSLY! JESUS CHRIST, I am not a doctor, but, like, John! What the fuck did you think would happen to him with a bullet in his leg?

John takes him to an empty yoga studio (or, I guess more probably, some kind of empty PT room) and says his wound has gotten worse. The bullet is pushing up against his artery and they need to take him back to the ED. Darius is like, “No way, dude. The cops are gonna be all over me.” John’s like, “Okay, FINE, I’ll be a hero AGAIN and operate on you here in this unsterile room.”

John goes to find Gretchen so she can assist him in the surgery, but Gretchen is already busy helping Bridget(!) She dislocated her shoulder and Gretchen is going to help her up to ortho. We are about to get an important scene where Bridget probably leans all over Gretchen and, IDK, maybe they bond about something on the way up to ortho, but then John barrels in and says he can fix Bridget’s arm.


John’s like, “Don’t worry, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m a hero. I’ll just pop your shoulder back in right here!” Bridget tells him that someone already tried, but John just thinks that obviously that person wasn’t as awesome as him. I was really hoping John would fail, but, what do you know, he starts massaging spots on her arm and then- boom, it pops back in! John tells her to put an ice pack on it, but Bridget insists that she’s fine and needs to get back to work. Oh Bridget.

Bridget gone, John quickly fills in Gretchen on what he needswhich includes basically stealing some morphine. The detective interrupts them and tells them they have a missing patient- it’s Darius! Surprise! The detective is super pissed, asking John how Darius could have escaped! John’s like, “Listen, I’m a lot of things: doctor, hero, some would even say Godbut I am not a babysitter.” Luckily, Gretchen swoops in and saves John from that conversation. Once they walk away, Gretchen reveals that she (very quickly) got all the supplies John asked for.

John goes back to Darius and starts getting ready to perform surgery. Darius refuses the morphine, because he needs to have his head straight in order to keep the peace. John does inject him with a local anesthetic to numb the area, but that seems like not enough drugs to me. John tells Darius to stay still, because if he hits an artery Darius will probably die. Wow, I do not want to watch this scene.

Darius asks if he’s the hardest patient John ever had, to keep his mind off the pain. John tells him that the hardest was his daughter- he took care of her when he thought she had the flu, but then she got nosebleeds and bruising. It wasn’t the flu and she died of cancer six months later. So no, DARIUS, you’re not the hardest patient. Darius says he’s sorry and then I think John pulls a bullet out of his leg, but my eyes were mostly closed during this part. Darius keeps the bullet.

After Gretchen drops a patient off up in surgery, she asks about the shooter. A surgical nurse tells Gretchen that the doctors are working on the girl because she coded. Gretchen walks in just before they call her time of death. She asks what happened – the girl had an internal bleed and coded before they could finish prepping for surgery. There’s no family listed, so a nurse is just like, “Welp, I guess it’s the medical examiner’s problem now.” Gretchen asks the nurse if she can please do the paperwork instead. After everyone leaves, Gretchen notices a bracelet on the girl that says, “Besos y abrazos, Elio” (which the internet tells me means “Hugs and kisses, Elio”). Gretchen takes it.

complications-season1episode5.jpgBe careful Gretchen, your HEART OF GOLD is showing.

John helps Darius out of the building, and tells him that if Darius was lying and more people die tonight John’s going to bring him down. Darius is like, “That’s a cute threat.” But he also agrees with John that enough people have died tonight, and he’s not going to kill anyone. John goes back to clean up his makeshift operating table when Sam calls and he finally answers (for once). He talks to Sam and Ollie, who had a bad dream, for a few minutes.

After hanging up, John goes out to dispose of some of the supplies he used in surgery. Even though he kind of tries to be stealthy, Bridget sees him and is suspicious. After John walks away, she goes into the room he was just in and sees the bottle of morphine on top of a pile of used needles. Ruh roh.

Things are finally slowing down in the ED when the detective from earlier stops John to talk. John asks if there were any other shootings overnight, and the detective tells him that there were not. He also tells John that he just got off the phone with a colleague who reminded him that John was the guy involved in the recent gang shooting. The detective thinks it must have been tough on John being surrounded by those guys all night when he killed one of them. He asks John if anyone gave him any trouble, but John’s like, “Nope, tra la la, everything is awesome!” The detective thinks that is very hard to believe. He gives John his card and tells him to call if he remembers anything.

What did you all think of this episode? Based on previews of upcoming episodes, it looks like things are (somehow) just going to keep escalating! Lots of guns and violence! Gretchen gets a kid (maybe)! Sam finds out the truth (maybe)! Whew, I’m exhausted already.

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