“Big Brother” recap (17.6-17.8): Week Two



Going into this live eviction episode, we first have to see how the remainder of their week played out—was Da’Vonne able to campaign to stay in the house? And what about the BB Takeover? Kathy Griffin emerges again (on screen) to tell houseguests about the Last Laugh twist. She says that the person who answers the phone they just placed in the house (a traditional red British phone booth) at the right time, will have the last laugh come eviction night by disallowing three houseguests of choice to not participate in voting. Unbelievably, Da’Vonne gets that lucky seventh call (even though Clay stubbornly expresses his want to answer the phone on the seventh call, because that’s his lucky football number.) And when Mama Day emerges from the phone booth, she doesn’t let on that she won. She just says, “She is ruuuuude!” Kathy’s calls to the houseguests are “tips” about how they can dress, act, eat, exercise, play the game better—all rude-ass jokes made on purpose for a shocking laugh. Mama Day tells Jason she got it. She has a freak-out dance in the kitchen pantry. This week isn’t over until Mama Day has the last laugh! But, will she?

One thing’s for sure: Day and Jason completely believe now that Liz is in fact a twin. What’s frustrating (and sucks) is that the houseguests are all discussing Liz and her twin’s physical differences and several people suggest one is fat, and one is skinny—one is nice, and one is mean. Fat and skinny? We all know Liz and her twin Julia are nowhere near “fat.” After this house-wide revelation, Da’Vonne thinks she has a solid plan to work with, so she takes this news to Liz and “prepares” her for the onslaught of houseguests that are sure to come after her now. “You need me,” says Da’Vonne. Liz half-heartedly agrees, but doesn’t look completely interested in Day’s proposition. Is it too late for Day to make arrangements with Liz? Should she have told Liz before she and Jason blabbed their findings to the whole house? It was a snap decision that could affect Da’Vonne’s chances of staying in the game.

Now it’s time for voting. It seems like Da’Vonne has done a solid job of convincing most of the houseguests to keep her—but will they just act as “cowards,” as Da’Vonne puts it, and vote house-majority to keep the peace? She chooses (strangely enough) to disallow Jeff, Becky and Jackie from voting. Why not Clay—or John—or even James? But really, why not CLAY? The only two houseguests who bravely vote to evict Meg are Jason and Audrey. As a last-ditch effort to shake things up, Da’Vonne and Audrey made a deal prior to eviction night to become co-conspirators despite being archenemies. It’s a shame to think Da’Vonne could be leaving the house when this agreement just took hold. Sometimes the house flips and alliances get wonky, but sometimes two unsuspecting people put away their personal issues and secretly help each other out, because—after all, this is game—power can sometimes take hold in the form of the last possible outcome alliance would suspect you are in. Sadly, it won’t be enough for Mama Day. She is voted out of the house.

Now, it’s time to crown two new Heads of Household. The stakes feel high because the votes to keep Da’Vonne indicate the house is split, and some people voted Da’Vonne out to merely keep themselves under the radar. “Gronk Pong” is the backyard HOH game this week, where players must shoot a ball into a giant-sized solo cup pyramid—aiming for the highest number attached to that cup that they can shoot for. After a dazzling three-way tie, Austin and Vanessa score the largest cup-points and become the newest HOHers. This means everything for #TeamVanessa fans. (And just maybe she’ll receive a love letter from her girlfriend when she gets to show off her HOH room!) That’s right, Vanessa—you’ve been a professional poker player, but now you’re about to live the high life in HOH.


Tweet me @the_hoff all your thoughts about Vanessa and Austin as the new HOHers. Do you think they’re playing the strongest game? How do you think they’ll work together to knock out the next BB target? Who do you think they’ll nominate for eviction?

Tune in Sunday on CBS for the next episode of Big Brother, and report here, to AfterEllen, every Friday for my weekly BB recap. ‘Til next time: War is peace, and Big Brother is watching you!

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