Things are heating up between Emily and Sara in this new “Pretty Little Liars” clip


Emily Fields and Sara Harvey. Sara Harvey and Emily Fields. Semily? Farvey? Well, whatever the shipper name for the new Pretty Little Liars pairing, it’s been quite evident from the moment Sara was introduced that she would be paired up romantically with Emily. Whether you are rooting for the potential couple or not, this budding romance has done the impossible: It brought Emison and Paily shippers together.

After going night-swimming, and getting tats together (typical lesbian second date) and running away from shadows, this episode six clip shows Sara getting ready for her first day at Caleb’s HoboHacker office. She’s stressing about outfits, and asks Emily, who is wearing leather overalls, for some advice. Of course, shirts come off, tattoos are rubbed and these two are about five seconds away from a make out sesh. Emily finally recommends some nice, solid, cleavage-covering flannel for Sara.

What do you think about Emily and Sara?

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