“Rookie Blue” recap (6.03): Pinch Me


On the ride back to the precinct, Andy tells Juliet she thought of a reason she shouldn’t date Nick: She’s a liar, liar, hair on fire. Juliet tries to say it was BEFORE that she was lying, to Kenzie, but Andy doesn’t buy it. Then Juliet says she went undercover and fell in love with a dealer, but she walked away and is out of it now. She says it’s a dark time in her life and wants Andy to keep it to herself, and Andy looks like maybe she might. I’m starting to wonder if this is somehow connected to that time Andy and Nick went undercover together?

At the precinct, Gail sees the social worker she met with last season about her adoption. They chat for a bit, and the girl is all smiles, and suddenly I find myself wanting to know her name.

Rookie Blue 603-10Hiiiiiii, who are you? Are you our new plus one?

They’re comfortable and familiar with each other, and the girl asks about Gail’s parenting classes, and they say they’ll see each other tomorrow. But as the girl leaves, Gail pinches her right on the bum, just because she wants to. When the girl turns around, Gail looks more embarrassed than we’ve ever seen her, and apologizes immediately and profusely. The girl doesn’t look like she hated it, though, and Gail is a little proud of herself.

Rookie Blue 603-11Stepping up her game.

Juliet gets in the car with her secret man and he asks her how things are going. Juliet says it got close but she thinks she has it under control now. She tells him she doesn’t like lying to 15 Division, because they’re good people, but the dude tells her that’s just too bad.

What did you think of “Uprising”?

I decided that, since Rookie Blue is on a different day now in Canada and the US, I’m going to be brave and risk seeing spoilers and dig out tweets for the recap. So if you live in Canada, follow me (@PunkyStarshine) and I’ll let you know on Thursdays which episode is airing, and you can tweet your thoughts while we watch for the first time. Here are some of our favorite #GailPlusOne tweets from this week:


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