“Rookie Blue” recap (6.03): Pinch Me


At 15 Division, the guard accused of having an appropriate relationship with Rochelle comes in and gives his opinion on things. He’s got a Pornstache attitude with a Bennett face, and says he “likes to think” that J.Bird and Kenzie had a more-than-friends thing for each other, and that Kenzie got jealous when J.Bird did a sexual favor for the guard. What’s nice about this is, for once, a guy looking excited about the idea of two women together is portrayed as a creep, instead of a “guys will be guys” normal attitude. Everything about this guy is slimy, and everyone within earshot of his excitement over J.Bird and Kenzie together is grossed out by him.

Rookie Blue 603-7You’re watching “OITNB” for the wrong reasons.

Dov and Traci try to turn things around by saying Rochelle implied the guard stabbed J.Bird, so the guard confesses that actually Rochelle stabbed her, and then threatened to kill Kenzie dead if J.Bird didn’t tell everyone it was Kenzie who stabbed her.

Turns out the doe-eyed girl is a bit of a sociopath, and didn’t pick Nick because he looked bigger and stronger than Gail, but because she knew he’d be far easier to manipulate.

Rochelle comes into the infirmary and causes all kinds of chaos, which comes to a head when the other prisoners try to break down the door. Rochelle ultimately opens the door to let them in, hoping J.Bird and Kenzie will both die in the riot, but a swat team comes in soon after. 

Rookie Blue 603-8Not exactly a superhero three-point stance, McNally.

Gail is still hanging out with Odelle, much to her chagrin, but is finally given the go-ahead to get out of there. Before she leaves, she asks Odelle why she’s in jail anyway. Odelle says she’s in for second degree murder because she killed her husband. He fell asleep while he was smoking while she was out at work and the house caught on fire, killing all of her children. When she found out the cause of the fire, she killed him. She then tells Gail the real reason she’s advising the young cop to not have kids; not because of the pre-kid bucket list, but because you can’t protect them forever. Kids become your whole world, and when they’re gone, it feels like you have nothing left.

Gail looks at her sadly and says she’ll see her around and, gosh darnit, I believe she’ll be back.

Rookie Blue 603-9Not as cold as she’d have you believe, this one.

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