“Rookie Blue” recap (6.03): Pinch Me


Andy realizes Kenzie stabbed herself and asks why she needs to get to the infirmary so bad. Kenzie says an inmate named J.Bird is there, and is the one accusing her of stabbing her, which is why Kenzie is going to max. But J.Bird and Kenzie are best friends, so Kenzie would never stab her, and she can’t figure out why J.Bird would lie like this.

Meanwhile, despite ending up in a dead end and getting locked in, Nick is still trusting Rochelle, and letting her listen in on everything anyone tells him on his radio.

In the cell block, Gail is sitting with the prisoner, whose name is Odelle. Odelle tries to make small talk, and Gail admits she’s trying to adopt a child. Odelle warns her not to; she wishes she had made a pre-kid bucket list, because there are so many things she never did that she just couldn’t after she became a mother. Including but not limited to pinching someone on the but just because.

Rookie Blue 603-5“Pinching, you say?”

On the way to the infirmary, in an effort to calm Kenzie down, Juliet admits that she remembers Kenzie, that there was that one bar they used to go to, that they probably even drank together. Kenzie says that actually Juliet was kind of a bitch to her, and Juliet blames her dealer boyfriend for that; she then tries to use that dealer boyfriend as a threat, but Kenzie has a one track mind right now, and that track is heading to the infirmary and the infirmary only.

Back at home base, Traci finds out that Rochelle has a history of weaseling her way out of trouble, and also she recently had an inappropriate relationship with a guard. And that little weasel is employing her skill set right now, rambling to Nick about auras long enough to distract him while she uses her key to unlock the door and slip away, locking Nick in behind her.

Rookie Blue 603-6That’s an Alison DiLaurentis face if I’ve ever seen one.

Finally at the infirmary, Kenzie asks J.Bird who really stabbed her, but J.Bird looks nervously at the two cops behind her friend and insists that it was definitely Kenzie. She looks her best friend square in the eye and says, “It was you,” without real accusation or blame, just with sadness. Kenzie, in her desperation, starts shaking J.Bird to try to get her to tell her the truth, but that makes J.Bird flatline. In her panic, Kenzie puts the knife back on Juliet, saying if J.Bird dies, so does the redhead, but Andy convinces her to let Juliet go so they can try to save J.Bird together.

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