“Rookie Blue” recap (6.03): Pinch Me


Previously on Rookie Blue, Andy found out that Marlo is pregnant with Marlo’s baby, newbie Juliet Ward joined 15 Division but her motives are unclear, and Gail was single and still childless but sassy as ever.

Swarek spends this entire episode at the doctor with Marlo, where they find out that the baby might have some medical issues, but might just be small for her age. Oh, and also it’s a girl. Marlo is great and all, but I was willing to sacrifice her to keep Swarek out of our hair for the day.

Another thing that happens throughout the episode that I’m not going to weave into the recap chronologically because it was weird and kind of annoying is that Duncan “Gerald” Selfie the Worst mistakes Chloe’s sunny personality with flirting and asks her out for drinks, leaving Dov feeling a bit conflicted about the whole thing. One funny thing that did happen in that storyline though was when Duncan is asking Dov random questions about his fellow cops to lead up to asking about Chloe, and one of the questions he asks is, “Is it true Peck has retractable fangs?” and Dov’s answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

Now for the good stuff. Today is prisoner transfer day, and Oliver is sending our four favorite officers (Traci is a detective, she’s in her own realm) to the women’s prison to get them. Andy and Juliet will be taking one, Gail and Nick will be taking the other.

On the way to the prison, Juliet admits to liking Nick and asks Andy for some dirt on him to help her get over her crush. Which is shady, but sweet, trusting Andy has no reason to question the new girl, so she just says that Nick is actually really great. Juliet says oh well, she can’t date cops anyway and Andy says she used to say the same thing.

Rookie Blue 603-1And now it’s more like “gotta catch em all.”

When they get to the prison, Andy, Juliet, Nick and Gail give up their weapons and their phones before going into the cell block. Andy notices Juliet has two phones, but decides now is not the time to ask her about that. The Warden gives the officers the low down: The women aren’t getting outside as often as they should, so they’re a little on edge at the moment. As for the prisoners, the one Andy and Juliet are taking is named Kenzie and she is described as feral. She’s impulsive and a troublemaker—in fact, she stabbed a girl in the showers, which is why she’s being transferred. She’s off to max.

The other prisoner, Rochelle, is the opposite. Sweet, quiet. Being transferred for other reasons entirely.

When they walk in, the women start whistling, which causes Nick to puff out like a peacock, but Gail rolls her eyes and says they’re definitely whistling at her, a point that, rightfully, no one argues. 

Rookie Blue 603-2(I do still miss her long hair sometimes. Shh.)

When they find their assigned prisoners, Gail and Nick’s girl looks doe-eyed and angelic, and Andy and Juliet’s girl starts a riot on the way out. Before they can do much of anything, Andy and Juliet realize that Kenzie has been stabbed, so they drag her out of the room and lock themselves into an empty part of the prison.

Nick and Gail hear the ruckus, and Nick is about to go back to check on everyone, but Rochelle requests that Nick not leave her. Nick’s peacock feathers puff out again, and Gail heads back into the bowels of the prison.

The warden calls a lockdown, and says that the girls will settle down in time, they just have to wait. Going in to stop it would make it worse.

Kenzie is bleeding pretty badly, but remembers where she knows Juliet. She used to date a dealer she knew when she was out. But Juliet insists she’s mistaking her for someone else. Kenzie suggests taking her down to the infirmary, because there’s a nurse there, and it’s a better idea than anyone else has, so off they go.

Meanwhile, Rochelle leads Nick down to the basement, and he happily follows, because he is seeing her as Girl Who Complimented Him By Requesting His Manly Protection, instead of prisoner who is definitely in prison and a prisoner.

Rookie Blue 603-3#trustnobitch

Gail goes back to where the fuss all started to find it empty of anything but a big old mess, but ends up finding herself trapped in the cell block thanks to the lockdown. Since she’s not in any danger, she’s told to stay put, but it turns out she’s not alone. If Jax from Wentworth and Red from Orange is the New Black had an American baby who tried (and failed) to be flirty like Franky Doyle, it would be this woman. She lays it on thick for Gail, who is not happy to have company during the lockdown.

Rookie Blue 603-4“Come in. I can’t find Alex Vause anywhere. Send help.”

Andy and Juliet’s trek to the infirmary is halted when Oliver tells them to go outside instead to wait for an ambulance, Kenzie freaks and pulls out her knife and says it’s infirmary or bust. And by bust she means bust-Juliet’s-artery-open.

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