“Carmilla” recap (2.11 & 2.12): It’s ALIVE!


The next episode finds Laura and Mattie doing the latest SNN update, where now Mattie is calmly instructing the students to give up blood and tissue samples if requested, as Laura squirms in her seat. Mattie bounces pretty quickly after she gets what she wants, and Laura is left to stew.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.14.49 AMWhat’s the deal with 3/4 length blazers? My forearms are freezing!

Laura deals with the stress, like many of us do, by getting her Scandal on. Carmilla prefers HTGAWM, so she’s not joining her girlfriend’s binge watching marathon. Instead, Laura cuddles up with her on the chaise and knows something is up with Carm. Laura peeks at Carmilla’s book, and it’s some heavy shit. “It’s comforting. He understands that love doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone,” she tells Laura. Welp. Carmilla asks Laura if they could pretend for one day that Laura’s driving need to be heroic didn’t trump their relationship. Could they just pretend to escape it all?

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.28.35 AMI just died in your arms tonight…metaphorically.

It’s the saddest thing that Carmilla’s ever said. Well, she says it nicer than I did. She then drops the L bomb! She and Laura kiss for a bit but Laura pulls away because DUTY! CHAOS ON CAMPUS! VORDENBERG!

The next day, Laura is wearing kittens, because Thursday. She tells her viewers that she’s about to meet the infamous Vordenberg. Laura is nervous, but on an interesting note, Vordenberg is the descendent of vampire scourge-ridders.With that, Carmilla takes her leave and Vordernberg gently knocks on the door. He’s a nice older gent, and tells Laura that she reminds him of some hot dish from the 40’s or something.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.37.14 AMSilas was a hotbed of lesbian activity dating all the way back to the 20’s. Flappers, you know.

Laura gets right down to business because tact is not her strongest suit. Unfortunately for her, Vordenberg doesn’t seem to think that there’s any point in learning the board’s secrets now, because it’s too late. He’s only on the board because of his family and easily overruled. Laura’s heart sinks at this news. Just then a blood curdling scream rings out, and a shaken Perry enters the room…followed by a naked Will, who is talking a lot like JP. Holy shit, LaFontiane found a way to save JP. Also, welcome back Aaron Chartrand!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.42.54 AMCheerio. My apologies, how rude of me. Guests are over and I seemed to have misplaced my hat.

 Looks like that is indeed the situation, according to LaF’s Twitter.

How do you feel about JP being brought to life? Do you think Vordernberg is hiding something? How come Carmilla’s eyebrows are always on fleek?

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