The Huddle: Who would you cosplay?


San Diego Comic Con kicked off this week and a huge part of the event is cosplayers (folks who dress up like their favorite characters). Some photos of this year’s participants are already pretty great.

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So we’re asking the tough question: Who would you cosplay? Grab your lady and go old school Xena and Gabrielle? Dr. Who? Steampunk Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Lucy Hallowell: I am not a lady who wears dresses really, well, ever and red lipstick is not exactly my cup of tea but I would put all that aside to dress as Peggy Carter. 

Miranda Meyer: Man, I was gonna say Peggy Carter, too. Most of the female heroes I can think of who I admire enough to cosplay either don’t have a distinctive enough look or have one that I don’t think I’d enjoy wearing, so Peggy Carter was a perfect storm. Failing that, I’d go with my default Halloween costume and say Wednesday Addams, which has the advantage of being a look I can put together out of my existing closer with basically no effort. #gothlyfe


Daniela Costa: I don’t have the height going for me and I’m not skilled enough to create the costume myself, but if I could grow a few inches overnight and hire the services of a great costume designer, I would go as Sailor Uranus. Might be the only way to get me into a skirt. Anyone want to be my Sailor Neptune?


Erin Wilson: I’m not sure I would dress up as someone without there being some type of party or event, but one time my wife and I dressed up as Laverne and Shirley for a Halloween party. While everyone was wearing their sluttiest costumes, we had on wool sweaters, old lady wigs and Keds. 


Valerie Anne: I’m going to the Boston and New York cons this year but I don’t know if I’ll end up dressing up. Cosima would be my first choice, but I’m nowhere near Tatiana Maslany-sized and I can’t braid for the life of me. Also when I was marathoning The 100 a few months ago, I couldn’t help wishing I had an excuse to dress up like Octavia in her warpaint. Maybe I still will for NYCC, but BCC is in three weeks and it’s going to be a billion degrees, so there will be no face paint there. 


Jenna Lykes: I am also going to Boston Comic Con this summer and this question has been straight up haunting me for months. I was thinking about going as Commander Lexa from The 100, but that eye makeup + layers of clothes + probably 80-90 degree weather does NOT sound appealing. I one time dressed up as Faith from BtVS in high school (I was pretty popular, obviously), so I guess I could do that again. Basically I’m here for badass brunettes, so if anyone has a suggestion, I am all ears.

Chelsea Steiner: If I had any sort of crafty skills, I’d go as Tank Girl. Alas, I can barely sew a button let alone rig a torpedo bra. 


Ever Mainard: I would love to go as Marco from Saga!


Kim Hoffman: Give me the child. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great… [thunder rumbles] and my kingdom is as great…. I would be Sarah from Labyrinth. David Bowie cosplayers, call me. But please don’t take Toby. You have no power over me!


Ali Davis: One of the great tragedies of my life is that I’m too short to pull off Xena. And, though I love Red Sonja to pieces, metallic boob armor seems like an uncomfortable day. Hot sun! Chilly air conditioning! Just not doable. I think a fun and comfortable day would be cosplaying Aughra from The Dark Crystal.


Dana Piccoli: I’d be Commander Shepard from Mass Effect in a split second.


Elaine Atwell: Starbuck all the way.  And I would correct the error in her canon sexuality.


Bridget McManus: She’s not a superhero but since she is a cartoon, I’d go as Jessica Rabbit. 


Trish Bendix: I’ve always wanted to be the Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland Disney version. Love her dress!



Who would you cosplay?

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