“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.04): Date night at the museum


Still, I don’t know, something feels off. That was too easy. Painting gone. Murderer dead. Time to go home and feed Flearoy? It’s hinky–hinky, I tell you. And something tells me Jane and her Ponytail of Righteous Justice feel it, too.


But never mind because the gang has more pressing hinky matters to address. They’re all at the Dirty Robber waiting for Frankie to finally fix the plumbing. He flushes the toilet triumphantly, but Jane isn’t convinced. She presses him on his plumbing expertise and he breaks. He admits he called a professional.

Maura shakes her head at her girlfriend with a little smile. If I had a dollar every time Maura smiled her amused little smile at Jane, well, I just might be able to afford to steal and then burn a $20 million work of art. This particular smile says Maura has seen Jane successfully deploy her detective skills on friends and family one million times.


Sorry, make that one million and one. Because while talking with Korsak Mama R lets slip her new man’s name is Ron. I’m sorry, I can’t be the only one who snort-laughed at Jane jumping out and scaring Mama R after finding out, right? Right?


Jane spends the rest of the night trying to guess Ron’s last name. My personal pick is McDonald. And they all laugh and laugh and laugh. Look, I get it, the whole family–plus Korsak–are all comfortable being around Jane and Maura together now. So we’re getting more Big Famzzoli Endings now instead of just Big Gayzzoli Endings. But, if their almost museum date has taught us anything, it’s that couples need to take time for romance–even after six years together.


p.s. Did anyone else notice in the previews for next week that the evidence board looked suspiciously familiar? Told you it wasn’t over yet.

And now, on to your #gayzzoli tweets of the week. So, about that museum date…

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