“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.04): Date night at the museum


Back in Subplot Plumbing, Frankie has made a real mess of the Dirty Robber. Susie and Nina arrive with a Shop-Vac, as requested. Frankie tells them the terrible job his father did on the pipes is making him question his entire childhood. Susie and Nina pull up some stools and grab the pretzels to watch. Hey, some people find men questioning their ability to lay pipe amusing. No judgment. Also, does anyone else ship it?


Korsak overhears Maura telling Jane the next day that the paint samples from the possibly fake painting match those from the body. He demands to know how they came across this paint sample. So Jane spins a long and imaginative tall tale about stumbling against the painting and grazing it ever so gently, while pretty much blaming her girlfriend for most of everything.

I hope that whole thing makes the official police report. Though, it will be hard–though not impossible–to accurately describe the look on Maura’s face through her rambling. Like, hey, I just wanted to go on a nice art date with my girlfriend. Leave me out of this.


So the detectives return to the museum–though don’t ask me how since the paint samples were clearly not legally obtained–and have the forgery removed. The curator is considerably more cooperative now that his $20 million painting is missing.

The detectives go to interview the painting’s anonymous donor, the wife of the state secretary of public safety. The piece has been in her family for generations, but she has some relatively plausible excuses for why they lent it out. She implies some aggressive art broker may have been involved in the heist. But something seems off. Like, when someone appears to have all the answers and conveniently points you in another direction off. Yeah, I don’t buy it.


Jane decides to finally ask the FBI guy for help. They theorize it could be either the forger or an art broker behind the heist. He also tells them he has a schnauzer named Flearoy. This makes Maura, and everyone else, question his authority in anything. I mean, who names their dog that?

Meanwhile the Susie and Nina (Changiday? Holisue?), continue their budding romance as they try to puzzle out information about the forged painting and the forger. Susie’s art degree and Nina’s computer skills make them the perfect team and totally shippable.


Their discovery leads them to the forger, which leads them to his house, which leads them to a boat. I’m watching the clock this whole time because, damn, this case is taking a while. But it also doesn’t really make sense. The forger appears to have torched the $20 million painting and then killed himself. Case closed, time for our Big Gayzzoli Ending?

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