“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.04): Date night at the museum


Oh, Maura, you clever girl. She got her date with Jane at the BMA after all. Maura and Jane go to the fundraiser all gussied up. I really wanted Jane to show up in a beautifully tailored tuxedo. But, alas, for the sake of being undercover or whatever she’s in a glamorous dress. But you can tell by the way she is steadying herself on Maura in a Totally Gratuitous, Totally Gay Touching way she’d much rather be wearing sensible pants.


The ladies use their date as a way to scope out potential forgeries. Maura gets caught up in the beauty of the Hudson River School pieces. Poor girl, she really does want to be on a romantic art date with Jane. But it gets interrupted by the FBI guy who is there and wearing a tux. Jane scowls at it scornfully. You know she’d also look better in one, too.

Just then Mama R calls and pretends to invite Jane to dinner with her new man friend, knowing full well she can’t make it. Jane calls her “deceptive” and “under-handed.” Mama R laughs and asks Jane how the view looks from the closet. Jane tells her it’s totally different. Mama R tells her to “keep telling yourself that.” Wow, Mama R is getting serious about this coming out stuff. Between Mama R’s pushing and Maura’s showing off the Rack of God in that dress, poor Jane doesn’t stand a chance.


Maura motions to Jane and tells her she has found the possible fake. The brushstrokes are halted and the framing is flabby. Jane asks Maura how sure she is on a scale of 1-10. Maura reluctantly agrees she’s better than 8 on it.

So Jane chugs her martini and asks Maura to go get her another one because she’s so, so thirsty. Maura does it, because that is what good girlfriends do. But before she can return with another cocktail Jane comes running up and tells her they’ve got to go.


Jane has used her plastic cocktail sword to scratch up a paint sample. So either she’s going to solve the case or be arrested for defacing a $10 million masterpiece. To avoid the later, Jane ladyhandles her stunned girlfriend out of the benefit.


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