First Look: Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones in “Public Service”


We finally have a name for Office co-creator Greg Daniels‘s untitled Amy Poehler project: Public Service, which began filming this month and debuts on NBC in April.

As I mentioned in a recent Ask, I’ve read the script for the pilot, and I love it! It’s The Office-type humor applied to a local city politics environment, with Poehler playing the Michael-esque head of the Parks and Rec department in Pawnee, Indiana who takes on a project from a nurse (Rashida Jones) to turn a construction pit into a park.

Jones and Poehler were spotted earlier this week filming at a playground in Sherman Oaks, CA, giving us our first look at them in character, courtesy of Just Jared:

Go to Just Jared to see all 15 photos.

Is anyone else as excited about this show (and those boots with that suit) as I am?