Morning Brew – New details on Ruby Rose’s upcoming episode of “Dark Matter”


Good morning!

Good news for the USWNT: They’re getting a ticker tape parade in NYC on Friday. This has never happened for a women’s sports team before because PATRIARCHY. Out lesbian Robin Roberts will MC the whole thing.

Remember when Kim Zolciak lezzed out for a second? She is not interested in talking about it, even with Andy Cohen.

On Buzzfeed, Orange is the New Black stars give their characters advice.

An Orange fan named Samantha Gardella “trespassed” onto the set, shot a ton of cool photos and received a citation of Officer Bennett, and also the production company. Oops.

Samantha Gardellaphoto by Samantha Gardella

Check out Ruby Rose‘s look on the July 24th episode of Dark Matter. She’ll play “Wendy, an entertainment android who was designed and built for fun. After she comes to life, she charms the ship’s crew with both her ability to cook and her sexual prowess — but something will go wrong. Very, very wrong.” She can COOK!? Well you don’t say. I hope she poisons all the men on board.

Dark Matter - Season 1

Ellen Page continues to be a boss. She’ll next star in Lionsgate’s Lioness, “the true story of Lance Corporal Leslie Martz, a U.S. Marine who was stationed in Haditha, Iraq.” From The Hollywood Reporter:

Martz was sent to Afghanistan as a leader of a Female Engagement Team and tasked with the dual mandate of gaining the trust of Afghan women by equipping them with necessary skills for independence but also secretly extracting information from them about their Taliban husbands.

The soldier, who now lives in San Diego, was waging a personal war on several fronts. She was hiding the fact that was she was a gay woman in the military and on top of that found herself torn between the desire to prove herself and her superiors and the allegiance she developed toward the women and children whose strength and courage she grew to admire.


A photo posted by @ellenpage on

Great news, Janet King fans! The show is coming back! Filming begins in October and there will be eight new hour-long episodes for Elaine Atwell to recap.

Illustrator Kriti Kaur reimagined iconic movie moments with queer couples and it is SO GOOD. Here’s her take on Grease:

Kriti Kaur grease

South Indian actress Anchor Prasanthi is playing a lesbian in a new film, Affair.

I love these Ts from Gender is Over creators Marie McGwier and Nina Mashurova. In an interview with Hopes & Fears, Marie said of their design:

I really like subverting clothing styles that typically “belong” to non-queer groups of people (think the masculinity / hormonal complex running rampant in sports). To be honest, putting the design on something black, mesh, and sporty seemed like one of the queerest ways to go.


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