“Clipped” recap (1.4): Perm-anent Wi-Fi needed


This episode of Clipped starts off on a sad note: Danni can’t buy a pair of the “cute shorty overalls” she wanted because she lost cell reception after Charmaine sneezed and lost her grip–on her.


“I guess I’m allergic to having your ass in my face,” she justifies. Charmaine, no girlfriend and you’re complaining about Danni’s ass? I’m starting to think I need to revoke your queer card…

The overalls debacle sets off the debate with Ben over installing Wi-Fi for the shop. Charmaine complains that no Wi-Fi means no news, which for her meant remaining a Bill Cosby fan for eight hours longer than anyone else. So not cool.


Being the cheap bastard he is, Ben was never going to say yes to that. Fortunately, Joy has a great idea (on the surface at least). They could ask Travis, the tattoo shop owner next door, for his password. Danni wonders if they should tell Joy that Travis is a complete perv, but Charmaine’s having none of that. “Give a girl a fish, she will eat for a day. Send her to the pervert next door, we’ll have Wi-Fi for a lifetime.” Pure genius!

But instead of a password, the next day Joy gets a doodle of a dancing penis. Char wonders what we all are–is it case sensitive?


So now it’s her turn to pay dear Travis a visit and try to reach an agreement. While she’s willing to give into his pervy ways to an extent, when he asks for a “sweet kiss” to seal the deal she decides THAT’s too much.


And when Danni won’t let him pierce her nipples in exchange for the password, it seems like it’s truly a lost cause. But then Buzzy, who they had all dismissed as too old to be tech savvy, saves the day. He figures if the network’s name is Tattoo You, then they could try RollingStones as the password since that was one of their albums. Success!


There’s your happy ending. Oh, and there was this weird storyline where one of Ben’s business “friends” kept peeing on him in the gym showers. Not to worry though, A.J. set everything right. Sigh.

Stay tuned for our next recap, which I can assure you will have a higher Charmaine ratio. 

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