“Chasing Life” recap (2.01): Back to Reality (Bites)


But April doesn’t know who she is if not a journalist. She’s never even considered it. So she says she needs to prep for a job interview and presumably spends the next few hours in silence.

Meanwhile, Sara meets up with Leo’s parents, who are not all that concerned that this engagement might just be a dying girl’s final flight of fancy. But Sara is sure that April is coming from a deeper place than that; there’s no way her strong, fierce, fighter of a daughter is checking off her bucket list. Not yet.

As repayment for selflessly relenting her job to him, Danny set April up with an interview at a company called Sitegeizt. Sitegeizt is to Buzzfeed as Boston Post is to Boston Globe. Sitegeizt (a genius name, by the way) seems like the perfect place for April, because they have a flexible schedule and are cool with “journalists” working from home; however, they consist of mostly quizzes and lists. Hence the quotation marks around “journalists.”

Chasing Life 201-9 This job will be more important, though.

April gets the job on the spot, and celebrates by hiring a Party Bus, simply because she’s always wanted to. All of April’s friends are there, including Beth’s new boyfriend, who is cute enough for a lumbersexual, I guess, but is significantly below Beth’s intelligence level. And possibly a pothead. The best best friend in the world deserves better, I’ll tell you that.

Anyway, it turns out that April’s friends do better when she visits them all one by one, because before long, Dom and Leo have a metaphorical penis measuring contest, which grosses everyone out, including but not limited to Natalie, who also deserves better than Dom the Douchecanoe.

At Brenna’s school, Erika-not-Ericka is rambling at Brenna, trying so desperately for the coolest queer in school to like her back, but Brenna is very obviously not having it, and the poor girl can’t seem to take a hint. Luckily for both of them, someone comes in to interrupt, sending Erika on her way. The saving grace is a woman named Margo, who is a former student and recent Emerson graduate named Margo. Brenna is excited to see her, because she wants help with her video project for her recently engaged sister who also has cancer. Luckily for Brenna, Margo has experience (wink wink) and has some ideas that can help her.

Chasing Life 201-10 “Tell me what it’s like in the brave new world!”

(PS. I got temporarily angry that Chasing Life was hinting that they might do a grown-up/teenager relationship like every other ABC Family show, but if Margo isn’t in charge of the film club/in an authority position and is just helping out, I can get on board, but ONLY because Brenna is mature for her age and above the legal age of consent in Massachusetts—YES, I CHECKED—and ONLY because it’s fiction. Because fiction is the only place 17 to 22 isn’t an impossible maturity gap to overcome. Also they might not even go there, Margo might just be a mentor, but don’t even try to convince me gf isn’t queer. DON’T TRY.)

Chasing Life 201-11 Why else would a TV show put flannel on someone?

At April’s next hospital visit, Vanessa congratulates April on getting the job she mentioned on their first meeting. April revises her original answer to Vanessa’s question, which she has spent every waking (and some non-waking) hour since revising, saying she is unapologetically career-minded and driven. Vanessa says she was an EMT once. She saved lives before she got cancer. But now she travels. Because when it comes down to it, your job is just a line in your obituary. It’s how you spent your life that matters.

Though I would argue that saving lives is a pretty damn valuable way to spend your days, however numbered. But, to each their own. Either way, April is pretty shaken by the notion.

At Sitegeist later, April’s new boss isn’t overly impressed, because April took a journalist’s approach to listmaking instead of tapping into what the millennials will tweet about. The woman is mentioning gifs and memes when April zones out and realizes this isn’t actually she wants at all.

Instead of making a list of “52 Things Justin Bieber Did That Should Make the World Hate Him But Somehow Made Them Love Him More”, April makes a list of things she would regret not doing if she died tomorrow, including getting fired from a job. She doesn’t want her obit to be boring is all.

Chasing Life 201-12This conversation took a turn.

At her engagement party, April casually mentions to complete strangers, in front of her mother, that she isn’t really into journalism anymore, and Sara promptly drags her outside and demands to know what the heck is going on and if she’s giving up. April explains that living like you’re dying and giving up are very different, and she’s just trying to enjoy her life just in case, since dying is an even more real and known possibility than it is for any random person on the street. April’s not giving in to death, she’s just applying the fearlessness she used to focus 100% on her career and spreading it out to other aspects of her life. She asks her mother to get on board, and of course Sara responds with a hug, because Sara is nothing if not supportive.

Back inside, everyone watches a video Brenna made for April and Leo, in which everyone gives the happy couple their advice for a happy life together. Natalie watches Dom watch the video and—combined with his shadiness earlier when she, the stunning Natalie whose eyebrow game is always on point, tried to get him to sneak off with her and he wouldn’t—realizes that the Douchecanoe still has feelings for her half sister.

Sara makes a speech about understanding how worldviews can change, quickly, entirely, and for the better, because it’s exactly what happened to her when she had April, and that before you know it, your kids are all grown up with worldviews of their own. April gets the message and thanks her mama for being so very understanding.

Later that night, Natalie angrily tells Dom that he’s still in love with April and acting weird ever since April came over to say she wanted him in her life. This is the second time in her life that a man has made her number two to April Carver, and she’s damn sick of it. All she really needed in this moment was for Dom to deny it, or at least assure her of his feelings for her. But instead, the Douchecanoe, despite being pretty far up the creek, lost his paddle and said simply, “She’s getting married.”

At Casa de Carver, Brenna says goodbye to her sister as she heads off to give her bone marrow donation. April asks if she’s thought more about the recipient of her bone marrow, and Brenna has decided she does want to know. She has come to terms with the fact that donating is all she can do, and whether the person does or doesn’t survive after, she’ll come to terms with it.

Chasing Life 201-13 So she thinks.

Across town, Beth asks her roomie if she’s okay, and Natalie shows off her polished brave exterior and says she’s just going through some of her father’s old things that Sara gave her. But as soon as Beth leaves, she finds more than she bargained for: A novel from the point of view of someone who had two families, lead two lives, and planned his own death…written by her father.

What did you think of “A View from the Ledge”?

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