“Chasing Life” recap (2.01): Back to Reality (Bites)


Dr. Hamburg comes in and tells these poor unfortunate souls that April isn’t in remission like they’d hoped. April will be about to be monitored as an outpatient though, until they figure out what comes next.

Chasing Life 201-5 Italia Ricci is too good at ‘devastatingly sad’ faces.

April starts to panic, so Leo takes her on a walk, and Sara yet again watches her baby girl slip through her fingers.

Leo tries to help April come to terms with dying, making her stand on the ledge of the building (!) and think about what regrets she would have if he pushed her to her sudden death right now.

Later, at home, Brenna shows April a video she made of the family, and mentions how happy she is to have Natalie around more often, though she wishes April hadn’t missed a month of their lives together.

Chasing Life 201-6Also Greer.

April, looking out for us, asks how Greer is, and Brenna says that they talk every day. Brenna thought school would be the actual worst without her, but she joined a film club with Ford and things are going surprisingly well. April notices someone in a video clip who is looking at Brenna with raw desperation and Brenna says her name is Erika and she’s the only out lesbian in their grade now that Greer is gone, which somehow makes everyone think they should date. Which isn’t just high school logic. Real life grown-ups in my actual real life have tried to set me up with someone just because they were also into girls, despite us being incompatible in every other conceivable way. But Brenna can’t go to an Erika from a Greer—in fact, it might take her a decade to even be able to think of anyone BUT Greer—but she knows she’ll find her Leo someday. Then April, ever the supportive sister, says, “or Leah!” and giggles at her own joke and it’s just all kind of adorable.

Brenna says she’s ready for her stem cell donation, but she has to decide whether or not she wants updates on how it went with the recipient. Which seems like a weird thing to ask a teenager if she wants. I feel like maybe she should have just told Brenna if it went well, but not even brought it up if it didn’t? Unless she asked? But I got my medical degree from Mercy Grace Seattle West Grey Sloane Memorial for the Tragically Inclined and Perpetually Horny, so what do I know.

April goes to visit Dom and tells him that, for reasons I think are not entirely unrelated to her dream, she still wants him to be able to be part of her life without any weirdness. Natalie appears as April’s hugging her half-sister’s boyfriend, and April tells her that she won’t need her transplant just yet.

Natalie, like April, doesn’t have anywhere to be in the immediate future, so they go for a walk. Natalie is a little weirded out that April has been out of the hospital for about 24 hours and has send out as many resumes, but April insists that journalism isn’t a lay-in-wait kind of profession. April does thank Natalie for looking after Brenna, saying the two of them are similar in a lot of ways, and wondering how they live without letting every single thing stress them out so much it drives them batty. Natalie tells her that it’s easy, and throws April into a drum circle, encouraging her to dance.

Chasing Life 201-7A little bit of Natalie is good for the soul.

Natalie laughs and tells her sister that she looks ridiculous, but for once April doesn’t care.

April goes to the hospital for a voluntary transfusion? The science of cancer alludes me, and the idea of it stresses me out too much to Google it. (I also have WebMD-induced hypochondria, so have been banned from researching anything even remotely medical by family, friends, and anyone who ever has to hear or read anything I think ever.) Next to her is Krysta Rodriguez, who you might know from Smash or from her theatre gigs or from her just generally awesomeing around. Krysta is reading the obituaries and meditating, because she’s just like Wednesday Addams, who she played (flawlessly) on Broadway.

Chasing Life 201-8 I hope she sings!

Krysta’s name in this show is Vanessa, and she asks April who she is. April starts listing off her achievements like a yearbook, but Vanessa says she didn’t ask about her career or what she’s done. She asked who are you.

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