Morning Brew – Lizzy Caplan talks playing lesbians on TV and women crushing on her


Good morning! Look who is in LA!

United States Women's National Team Arrive At LAX After World Cup ChampionshipUnited States Women's National Team Arrive At LAX After World Cup ChampionshipUnited States Women's National Team Arrive At LAX After World Cup Championship

Join me at the USWNT’s rally at 11 am today at LA Live!

I love this Vice piece on lesbian drag kings who worked for the mafia. Scandalous.

Speaking of herstory, here’s how the modern dildo came to be.

Are you heading to Comic-Con? So is Chelsea Steiner, and she’ll be on this year’s LGBTQ panel this Thursday!

Ruby Rose went on The Today Show yesterday to talk about Orange is the New Black.

The Guardian talked with Yael Stone about auditioning for OITNB, for the role of Nicky Nichols, and the feedback she received:

“I wasn’t tough enough, I wasn’t Sapphic enough. They said: ‘That’s nice. Why don’t you come back and do something different?’”

She came back with an accent and that red lipstick and read for Morello. The rest is history.

"The Overnight" New York Premiere

Lifetime has renewed UnReal for a second season. We’ll be recapping Season 1 now that Faith came out, too.

You really can make lesbian fan fiction out of anything.

Abby Wambach might not be done just yet.

Netflix and Amazon have both passed on picking up Hannibal, but creator Bryan Fuller says he hasn’t given up.

This is a fun report from Dyke Day during Pride in LA and I was happy to be a part of it.

A teen lesbian was blackmailed for sexy selfies she took and sent someone she thought was another girl online. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU SEXT, GALS.

Lizzy Caplan‘s girl crush: Julianne Moore. As for being other women’s girl crush:

It’s very flattering. Early in my career I definitely had moments of wishing I fit more into the straight-up ingénue type — face, body, attitude, whatever. But the truth is that the majority of girls aren’t like that, and most young girls are doing their own thing, trying to figure out who they are. I’m in my early 30s and maybe just starting to have a handle on who I am. So I’m not interested in playing the girls who get the boy and then everything’s great. I want to play people who are struggling with their identity and who don’t fit into the world around them. A lot of girls feel that way, so they get excited when they see that portrayed on-screen.

She also spoke about playing Janis Ian and a gay teen on Once and Again:

It didn’t enter my mind that it might be risky or strange to people. It was just another role, and that girl happened to like girls. It’s important to tell those stories, especially in a high school setting. I feel like I’ve played a bunch of other lesbians, but I guess I’ve just played a bunch of characters that everyone assumes is a lesbian.

Showtime And Sony Pictures Television's "Masters Of Sex" Screening

BTW, if you’re a Masters of Sex fan, the Ginny/Libby kiss happens in the Season 3 premiere on July 12.

NSFW but pretty cool: 19th Century Lesbian Erotica as illustrated by Franz von Bayro.

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