“Rookie Blue” recap (6.2): Runaways and Rat Poison


Previously on Rookie Blue, Swarek got Marlo pregnant, Duncan was the worst, Juliet joined 15 Division and is a tad bit shady, and Gail is a nice, single, homosexual police officer trying to adopt a child and living life one snarky comment at a time.

We start on a good note because Gail is trying to get out of Diaz’s car and he reaches to stop her, which displeases her greatly.

Rookie Blue 602-1One does not simply TOUCH Gail Peck.

Chris explains himself: They can’t get out of the car yet because Jarvis and his wife are getting out of their car just behind them. Gail checks out Mrs. Jarvis and says she’s hot, wondering aloud how Jarvis landed such a looker. Chris lets it slip that she’s into cops and Gail realizes that this is the married woman he’s been sleeping with. He says he’s tried to call it off, but he is not particularly dedicated to the cause. Jarvis comes up to their car, saying things like “keep her purring” and asking Chris to service his wife’s car. Gail’s face is unabashed shock and it’s hilarious. But Jarvis doesn’t notice and walks away, while Gail tells Chris that he has to break things off with Mrs. Jarvis STAT.

Rookie Blue 602-2“How did YOU land such a looker?”

Andy’s having an even rougher morning, trying to keep it together in the wake of the news that her boyfriend is having a baby with his ex-girlfriend, both of whom are also Andy’s coworkers. She runs into Marlo and tries really hard to act normal but it’s just too hard and even though Marlo explains that she applied for a transfer and doesn’t want to sink the McSwarek ship, Andy’s giant doe eyes keep filling with tears and it’s heartbreaking.

Rookie Blue 602-3I think she should play some basketball to let off steam.

Andy runs to Traci and wonders if she should just walk away from the whole mess, but before she can make any decisions, Gail comes and tells them that they have a missing 16-year-old girl who takes priority.

Christopher from Gilmore Girls is the father of the missing girl, and he’s at 15 Division with his young son and his nervous wife. He seems to be very controlling, getting angry when his son says his sister, Hayley, was wearing a pink unicorn shirt when she left, cutting off his wife when she tries to explain why she sent her daughter to the gas station for milk.

They call the gas station, and find out that the attendant who was working around the time of Hayley’s disappearance is missing. What’s worse, Gail finds pictures of Hayley on his Instagram that don’t look like they were taken with Hayley’s permission.

Chloe finds the boy’s mother and, with no help from Gerald, finds out where he could be hiding. Juliet and Nick head there and find the boy in a camper, but he has a police scanner and there’s no sign of the girl. The boy’s name is Connor and he claims to not know where Hayley is, so he’s taken back to the station.

Traci asks Connor if he knows Hayley, showing him a picture of Gracie from Orphan Black. Apparently Zoe De Grand Maison gets typecast as overly-sheltered-teenage-girl. Anyway, Connor eventually lets it slip that if anything happened to Hayley, it wouldn’t be his fault, causing Traci to give him some epic side-eye.

Rookie Blue 602-4“You believe this bitch?”

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