“Complications” recap (1.4): Sister, sister


Previously on Complications, John begrudgingly agreed to keep an eye on Antoine while he’s recovering. Gretchen almost killed a guy, but only had like half a fuck to give about it. Bridget just will not give up on getting to the bottom of the weird medical record situation (which John and Gretchen are responsible for). Also, John and Gretchen got into a fight and it looked like the vigilante duo may have broken up for good.

Six Months Ago

John and Sam are arguing about a lot of things—John’s work schedule, group therapy (and how John thinks it’s bullshit)—but it’s mostly them just not being able to deal with the death of their daughter, Becky.

Sam feels very alone, as evidenced by the next scene which shows her at group therapy by herself. Kyle is there too (ugh Kyle), and he tells the group about a cooking class that his wife signed them up for before she died. He and Sam exchange meaningful glances and, after the meeting, walk down the abandoned hallway together as Sam shares a story of her own. The lights are turned off and Kyle kisses Sam. Initially, she pulls away and he apologizes, but then she kisses him back.

photo1Damnit, Kyle!

Present Day

We’re back where we were at the end of last week’s episode: John asks Gretchen for help, and she basically just says “nope” and also, “fuck you.” John follows her into a patient’s room, and explains the situation: Bridget knows someone was transferred to the other surgical center. If she finds out it was Antoine, everything is totally fucked.

Gretchen agrees that yes, that would be bad, but she doesn’t know how to fix it. John suggests that they move Antoine to a hotel room and steal medical supplies, but Gretchen is like, “Yeah, don’t you think maybe Bridget would notice that?” She says she might be able to swing something, though, and promises to make some calls as the two of them are interrupted by an incoming trauma case.

photo2“Can you ONE TIME not interrupt my illegal gang work with legitimate medical issues?”

The patient is a 19-year-old girl who jumped into some barbed wire while running from the cops. There is a ton of wire in and around her leg, and the girl is freaking out. John and Harper attempt to cut the pieces of razor away from her leg, but the girl, Tanya, is still very agitated. They’re about to knock her out when John realizes her BP is low; the girls are probably already high.

John talks to the other girl, Mandy, who accompanied Tanya to the ER. First, Mandy says that she’s not even really Tanya’s friend, but eventually she comes clean about the fact that Tanya was probably powerballing (coke + H,  which the internet tells me is heroin. Thanks internet!). John notices that Mandy’s nails are funky, and says she might have endocarditis, an infection of the heart valves that might have come from dirty needles.

The ER is packed (again!), but John manages to bribe a nurse (with red vines, yuck) to move a patient so he can get Mandy a bed and order some tests. Bridget is nearby during John’s exchange with the nurse and is vaguely menacing as she asks him if he solved the case of the mystery patient files. Bridget wants answers, dammit. Anyway, when John goes back to find Mandy, she is gone.

While John is looking for Mandy, Sam calls him. She wants to know if they can just re-gift a bottle of wine for that dinner party tonight, but he is barely listening and doesn’t even know what party she is talking about. He blows her off, telling her to use whatever wine she wants, and hangs up pretty abruptly. Guess who’s waiting for her in her office when she gets off the phone? YUP, it’s Kyle. (ugh)

He says he was in the neighborhood (sure, buddy) and wanted to give her something in person: It’s the entire Antoine Tyler case so far. Leads, suspects, other law stuff, etc. She wants to know how he got this since he’s not on the case and he’s like, “I mean, it wasn’t a big deal or anything, but I’m basically a hero and had to call in a lot of favors because I’m a very important man. Just FYI, I’m important. And a hero. No big deal, though.”

Sam says thank you, and he’s like, “Okay, well, now that I’ve done my important hero deed for the day, I guess I should go. But not before I extend our conversation awkwardly and talk to you about the group therapy sessions that you no longer come to.”

photo3“STFU, Kyle.”

He badgers and guilts her into agreeing to go out for a drink sometime soon. What a guy, this Kyle.

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