“Big Brother” recap (17.4-17.5): Week One


Now that all the Big Brother houseguests are all settled in, it appears the game is on. Some may argue there are players playing this game a little hard, too fast—but our girl Vanessa is keeping things balanced while a few other power players kick it into high gear. What we know is that the house wants Jace out. It’s nothing personal dude—or is it? (It is.) James keeps saying Meg looks like Taylor Swift, but so far all Meg has done is float, much less shake. Audrey is playing puppet-y like games up in the HOH room, telling James that a bold, out-of-left-field move would be to get Jason out (the former HOH). There’s some hope here that Audrey is just telling Jace what he wants to hear—it’s hard to tell a houseguest that they’re about to be evicted and the whole house knows it.

Power of Veto: WEDNESDAY

Suddenly things get really weird with Da’Vonne. She explains to the cameras that she’s walking through the house memorizing how many cars are painted on the wallpaper, or how many steps are on the staircase—that’s because this game can suddenly require your memory skills to get you through a mental competition. Anyway, she walks into some room and bro dude Jeff flexes at her and asks her why she’s being creepy and walking in there. Clay makes a weird comment under his breath imagining she can’t hear him, something about “hair gel” and “ask her why she’s going in there.” All in all, everyone is acting hella paranoid.

Da’Vonne confronts the situation head-on, but the boys aren’t having it. Instead of explaining why they were being weird, Jeff and Clay take turns making Da’Vonne feel like a delusional crazy lady. Da’Vonne tries to express that it’s a shared house and that they’re all houseguests who can roam about as they please—and the boys proceed to give her what they admit are just “damage control” apologies. Da’Vonne talks to Audrey about what happened and moments later, Clay comes back with a more genuine apology that Da’Vonne still feels is fake. Why? Because she knows how this game works: She just confided in Audrey, and Audrey just ran downstairs to tell Clay he needed to apologize harder. The boys can call her a “loose cannon” but this poker pro is on fire. She knows Audrey and Clay are trying to play her, and she’s prepared to watch her back now.

17BigBrother2.1Audrey schemes in the BB house.

In the Power of Veto competition, Steve wins the “Nose Picking” battle by a landslide—well, a booger slide—and when Steve takes himself off the block at the Veto Meeting, James replaces him with Jace, who now goes up on the block next to Jackie. Jace is totally shocked, so he cries around for a bit until Austin tells him to get his shit together, then he marches up to the HOH room to feel out a hopeful alliance, talks about clouds, and otherwise acts brand-spanking crazy. By the end of the night, Audrey is pulling people out of their beds and bringing them up one-by-one to the HOH room where she wants to discuss the inner-workings of a massive, bombastic, secretive alliance. That’ll be a little hard to do when most of your party is near-passed out on the sofas, the sun is coming up, and James, technical HOH just wants his room back. All of a sudden, I’m worried for Audrey because she’s supposed to be laying low with Austin, and now she’s forming a mega alliance that can’t succeed. And, she just might’ve put a target on her back.

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