“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.03): A very special common connection


Instead the glum mother-in-law is nursing a sprained ankle from ice skating. She already knows Maura knows all about her extracurricular sporting activities because that’s what couples do, they tell each other everything. So now Mama R is bummed out about the massive dose of I Told You So she’s about to receive from Jane. So she asks Maura to not tell Jane. But then, when Maura goes into a long and apologetic monologue about open lanes of communication and how trust is the hallmark of any strong relationship–but, you know, internally–Mama R relents and says, “Fine, tell her.” Yep, lobsters share everything.

So, Maura tells Jane and they process what’s happening in this mother-daughter-daughter-in-law relationship some more. Maura thinks some other “hot button” issue is at work underneath all of this. You mean like marriage equality, because we figured that out last week and it’s totally cool. All 50 states, baby! USA! USA! USA!


The detectives are zeroing in on the dickish director as the killer. But, you know, it’s way too early in the episode for that so instead it’s probably a red herring. Or, you know, red lobster. Which Jane still hasn’t found, even though she claims the office smells “really bad.” Frankie suggests something smells “fishy,” but Jane’s like, no, I know that smell. This is something else entirely.

Frankie is despondent, because his lobster gesture didn’t work. He had to pull the plug and take Frankie Jr. Jr. Jr. to his dentist’s salt-water aquarium (relax, PETA) so it wouldn’t die. But Nina just laughs and laughs and laughs at him. Jane knew, Jane always knows. She’s just not ready to admit her true feelings to the world or crustaceans.


The team realizes the killer might have snagged another victim to fulfill his muumuu-wearing fantasies. So they find another woman who has gone missing who left an identical fake work resignation letter. So they work frantically to find the link early because everyone is excited about this week’s Big Gayzzoli Ending.

The same guy used to deliver water to them and the body farm. So, there you go, tap water it is. Break out the Ponytail of Righteous Justice, this case is closed. Well, almost. First they need to trash his apartment and then they need to bust into his parent’s old house where he is reliving his parent’s violent, abusive, murderous relationship with his victims. Then, bang-bang, it’s lobster time.


With all of the mandatory paid administrative leave Jane has racked up from shooting suspects, you’d think she and Maura could have taken a lovely Olivia cruise to the Caribbean and back. Well, at least they get their extended Big Gayzzoli Ending, right? Wait, that’s not Maura. Mama R, get out of here. You’re ruining everything. *stomps off and slams door*

Mama R, whose ankle is somehow miraculously healed, is leaving as Jane enters the Dirty Robber. Jane tells her she got them a movie for tonight, but Mama R tells her she’s going back to the rink. Alas, it’s not because she has found deep inner peace from being one with the ice. She doesn’t even like skating. It’s because she met a man who likes skating. Sigh. See, I told you she was wearing more eye makeup for a reason.


But Jane says it’s not her place to tell her what to do. Plus she’s figured out what really upset her. It’s not that Mama R was skating, it’s that Mama R was skating without her.

This touching mother-daughter moment is finished off with a hug and Mama R saying, “I want you to be happy, Jane.” To which Jane turned her Facebook profile rainbow and changed her relationship status. A mother’s unconditional approval is sometimes the last push you, you know.


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