Is Hilary Swank hot?


Who here loves The Office?

Me, too. Part of the show’s brilliance is its ability to find comedy fodder in the everyday things that happen at most offices. Such was the case with one of the running storylines in last week’s episode, “Prince Family Paper.”

It started with a newspaper article, “Is Hilary Swank Hot?” Naturally, everyone had an opinion.

Jim, wanting to get the crew back to work, suggested they put the question to a vote. But since the result was five to five, the only choice was to have a full-on debate, giving each side three minutes to present its case. Of course, it lasted the rest of the day, giving the Dunder Mifflin characters a chance to remind us why we watch.

At one point Jim, making the case for “hot,” almost convinces Kevin to change sides.


Oscar presents a PowerPoint slide demonstrating the symmetry of Swank’s face.

His conclusion: she is attractive, but not hot. Oh, Oscar. You are so gay. Unless, of course, “symmetry” means something completely different than I think.

This deleted scene gets to the nitty-gritty of the arguments:


Master debaters, indeed.

Of course, the question of Hilary’s hotness has captivated the cybersphere, even sparking the launch of a site dedicated to finding the answer.

As women who love women, we are compelled to add our voices to the masses. Here’s the evidence in black and white.

Register your opinion at and let us know how you voted and why. You can vote as often as you like. Just respect the game.

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