“Big Brother” recap (17.1-17.3): Meet the Contestants


Premiere, Part Two: THURSDAY

It’s time to now bring in the second group of houseguests. This time, Julie must tell the group waiting to go into the house that they aren’t the first group to enter, along with all the twists she’s revealed to the first group already inside. Julie brings Becky, Jason, John, Liz, Steve and Vanessa into the house to meet the whole cast. Now, it’s a full house and the game is truly on.

Vanessa Rousso is also known as Lady Maverick in the poker world as a professional poker player but she tells the house she’s a DJ in Las Vegas. We briefly see Vanessa’s girlfriend hugging her goodbye in her home video. Vanessa says, “I used to be married to a guy, and now I’m dating a woman. For me, love is love.” She admits to the audience in her personal intro that she has never been away from her for more than few days, so this might be hard (every lesbian everywhere just felt twinges of hope and doubt with her.) When Audrey comes out to this new set of houseguests, Vanessa looks overjoyed and tells the audience in her offscreen interview how proud she is of Audrey. Jason, a sweet, bright and comedic queer boy with a thick New Englander accent professes his unconditional support and allegiance to Audrey, too. I smell a queer alliance, y’all. Who said ignorance is bliss?


According to Bustle, some sources believe the so-called Twin Twisters are Liz (and her twin Julia who hasn’t been introduced to us.) Liz is a hot mama from Miami who thinks Jace is a cutie. But Jace is showing us his misogynistic side now as the new girls come into the house and he divvies up his attention from one girl to the next, giving the Bro Nod, and saying, “What about you, who are you, sweetheart?” Jace seems more interested in cozying up with a honey (or two) than socially adapting. Maybe he thought this was Real World.

For the BB Takeover, Phil Keoghan from Amazing Race brings two new houseguests into the house to stir up the game with the snap of his magic fingers. We see everyone lose their shit with excitement, because A. It adds tension to the social game when an established pair joins the mix, and B. They’ve had their TV screen time so jealousies just might flair and the Racers might be immediate targets. As we can see, Takeovers will be all about shaking up what’s in need of stirring. So naturally, it’s time for the second HOH competition.

In “UFOh No” the newest houseguest who haven’t competed for HOH yet must fight to stay wrapped around a pole or else a giant UFO will suck them up. (Competitions take place on location, outside their house in a high-walled backyard. They’re elaborate as fuck and the themes and game play are highly creative and complex.) Jason may appear to be a pipsqueak but he holds on the longest of everyone and wins second HOH. This means James and Jason are the new Heads of Household and must each nominate two houseguests to go up on the Battle of the Block or face eviction. In the Battle of the Block, the four houseguests will compete alongside James and Jason and whoever wins will dethrone the HOH who nominated them in the first place. But with Jason as one of the HOHs for the week, Audrey bonds quickly to Jason so that they can hold solid, and it also sounds like Audrey wants to be super mindful of the girls. “A woman needs to win this game—girl power!” She says to the camera.

In both HOH games, a contestant had to sit out and Da’Vonne and Vanessa chose to take one for the team so long as they wouldn’t be nominated for eviction (which is sort of amazing considering they’re both poker players who make gambles every day.) Phil from Amazing Race lets the girls know that there will either be rewards or repercussions to follow that decision. And with that, another episode has ended, leaving us desperate for more info—and the houseguests are bewildered, too. BB is great at cliffhangers. 


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