“The Rich Man’s Daughter” recap (1.16-1.23): Secret Lesbian Parties


Things are really picking up for The Rich Man’s Daughter. Jade decides to take Paul’s advice and, instead of going home after the hospital, she jumps out of Pearl’s car and runs away to find Althea and start her new, free gay life.


They reunite in the parking garage of the hospital (which is super clean, by the way) and Jade sobs into Althea’s arms.

I came back for you

There must be some kind of problem with kissing on this network, because at this amazing turning point in their relationship when Jade finally chooses Althea over her family, all they can do to celebrate is rub noses.


Jade’s family is obviously mad, and confused. Why would anyone want to run away from them? They have iced tea and white couches. Paul is all wrapped up in bandages because his dad beat him in the last episode for being gay, tells Amanda he told her to run away.  Amanda asks, “Why would she want to leave?”DUH, Amanda. You guys are the worst. Stop beating your kids! Pearl says Jade will never make it because she is not street smart.

she's not street smart

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