“Complications” recap (1.03): Hostage Taking 101


Previously on Complications: Dr. John Ellison saved a boy, Antoine, from a drive-by shooting and, doing so, inadvertently got himself entangled in some gang warfare stuff. Also, Nurse Gretchen was (as advertised) “reckless, but capable.” I want her and Dr. Bridget to have angry sexual tension for, like, maybe half a season before giving into what they really want and doing it. Also, Gretchen may have killed a guy.

15 Minutes Ago

Gretchen and the dude from the hospital records room, Jed, show up at Hillary’s boyfriend’s house. Jed pops a pain pill. This is a judge-free zone, but maybe now is not the time, Jed? They inform Seth, the boyfriend, that they’re there to get his ex-gf’s stuff. Seth is really not happy about the situation. He tells them to get off his property and then, because everyone on this show goes from 0-60 in about 1 second, he pulls a gun on Gretchen.

photo1Why does everyone have a gun on this show???

Gretchen is ready to leave, but Jed is like, “Nah. Instead I’m gonna attack him.” They fight for the gun and Jed breaks Seth’s finger. Gretchen packs up Hillary’s stuff and they’re just about to leave when asshole douche Seth starts talking about how everything was Hillary’s fault and she begged Seth to forgive her. What a fucking textbook abuser. On that note, why didn’t Gretchen get the cops to come with her to Seth’s house? Seems like that would’ve been a lot easier. Anyway, Gretchen snaps and smacks Seth in the head with a waffle iron and he falls through a glass table. So maybe she didn’t kill a guy. Yet.


We’re back where we ended last week’s episode: John gets off the phone with Gretchen, lies to his wife, and heads over to Seth’s place (which looks like a butcher shop, tbh). John arrives and immediately sees that there’s a blood clot blocking Seth’s airway. So he STICKS HIS FINGERS INTO SETH’S MOUTH AND PULLS IT OUT. Hang on, brb, while I gag.

Okay, so, that was terrible. Anyway, Seth’s breathing again, so John tells Gretchen to just call 911 because he’s gotta jet. Gretchen, however, is like, “No way, Doc. You’re taking care of him until we can convince him not to tell on us.” John is all, “MORALS! PRINCIPLES! HOW DARE YOU, I WILL NOT!” but then Gretchen reminds John that he happens to be the one who is late for a gang member rendezvous. John’s like, “Okay, touché.”


At the hospital, the sister of Henry, the diabetic patient who OD’d, is waiting to see Bridget. She received a notice of death for Henry, but then, later, a new bill stating that he’d been transferred to another surgical center. She’d been hoping that the notice of death was a mistake, and she asks Bridget how her brother died. Bridget tells her what happened, that he overdosed on some pills from another patient. The sister freaks out, basically like, “YOU WERE RIGHT THERE AND YOU LET HIM DIE AND FUCK YOU.” Bridget has sads.

photo2Look at this puppy – we must protect her at all costs.

Over at the Ellison house, John’s dad shows up to fix the back door because the alarm company won’t come to install until it’s fixed. John’s dad asks if John is okay with him being there and helping, and Sam is basically like, “Welp, he’s not here to deal with it so IDGAF.”

Back over in the bloody murder room. Seth is starting to come to. Jed, who is super high, is barely holding it together, which is really harshing Gretchen’s mellow. Jed gets a call from work and Gretchen’s like, “Act normal, bitch.” Jed tries his best and tells his boss that he’s sick, but his boss is freaking out because an ER doctor is poking around and some patient records are missing. Gretchen tells Jed to fucking pull himself together, get himself cleaned up, and go fix this.

Meanwhile, John arrives at a diner to meet up with some known gang affiliates. He’s like, “Thanks for everything guys, but I’m going to take a hard pass on all this gang stuff. OKBYE.” They tell John no, actually—instead of that, he’s gonna meet Antoine’s dad (who is in prison). John tries to get out of it by saying he’s in the middle of dealing with an emergency, but they again say no and take him anyway. In the car, they make some chit chat andDarius asks why John became a doctor. He says it was to help people. Darius is like, “Shit, I’ve got too many people to help already.”

John is interrupted by a phone call from Bridget. She explains what happened with Henry’s sister and wants to know how the double billing happened. John explains that with all the commotion that night, he must’ve cancelled the transfer too late so they accidentally billed it. Bridget does not like that answer at all; she is very wound up about the whole thing.

At John’s house, his dad and son work together on fixing the back door. Sam gets a call from Kyle. Ugh, Kyle, woof. He flirts with her, of course. Kyle can get right the fuck out of here, I don’t have time for him. Meanwhile, John’s dad gets the inside scoop from Oliver: John didn’t just yell at the burglars to leave the night of the break in, he had a full on conversation with them.

Back at Seth’s house, Gretchen snoops around the house while Seth writhes around in pain as he wakes up. She’s like, “Let’s play a game where you show me how well you can lie before I bring you to the hospital.” Seth is fucking awful at that game, and he falls back to sleep.

photo3“JFC you are a useless piece of shit, Seth.”

Gretchen gets a call from Jed, who is freaking out at the hospital. He tells her that Bridget is looking into Henry’s case, so they are pulling all the patient records from that night. Gretchen is like, “JUST DEAL WITH IT,” but Jed is, like, super fucking high. He also warns Gretchen that if Wes bills Medicare today they are screwed. Gretchen tells him she’ll deal with that, and she leaves a message for this mysterious Wes character.