Should “Pushing Daisies” go to the movies?


We broke the sad news in November: The Pie Hole is going out of business. ABC canceled one of the most innovative shows on TV, Pushing Daisies.

But the last episode that aired was far from an ending. Of course, we didn’t know then that it was the last episode. At the time, ABC said it would show Daisies’ remaining three episodes in January. But instead of Chuck and Olive, we saw Barbara Walters. Nothing against Babawawa, but she doesn’t serve pie or break into song or have a raised-from-the-dead daddy hidden in her bathroom.

Sadly, according to Kristin at E! Online, the ratings have validated ABC’s decision. The number of viewers for replacement programming is significantly higher, not only for Daisies, but also for Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money, which were canceled at the same time.

That means the only people to blame for the failure of these unique and creative shows is the viewers. We have met the enemy and he is us. (Please, somebody be old enough to get that reference.)

The plan as of last week is to air the final episodes of all three canceled series this summer — June at the earliest.

One bit of Technicolor in the midst of this gray news is the possibility of a Pushing Daisies movie to tie up loose ends. Kristen Chenoweth, who plays Olive, told TV Guide that Daisies creator Brian Fuller would like to make a film, provided he can get the main characters to participate.

Chenoweth said that the Daisies cast would love to make a movie: “He (Fuller) has such a great idea for [a movie]. We all want to.”

Personally, I love the idea. The big screen would take full advantage of the whimsical sets and the bright colors. The story certainly lends itself to a longer format, and a movie would let the relationships and mystery resolve without leaving us feeling, well, hungry.

What do you think of a Pushing Daisies movie? How would you wrap up the story of the Pie Hole? Can Olive and Chuck both get the happy endings they want?

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