“Skins” comes back to the UK with a possible lesbian character


This week, the beloved UK television series Skins debuts its third season, and will reportedly introduce almost an entirely new cast, including the character Naomi, played by Lily Loveless.

AfterEllen.com reader eve_jig_it alerted us that Naomi is rumored to be a lesbian. She has been referred to as being “passionate, political and principled” in the press, which are certainly all attributes gay women pride themselves for.

The series focuses on a group of teenagers (similar to Degrassi or 90210) and the scandalous lives they lead. In this clip, Naomi is disgusted by a fellow classmate, and isn’t afraid to express her disdain:

While we don’t know too much about the new characters of Skins yet, we can probably be sure that the show will continue to shock us with the sex lives of high schoolers. And while we’re wondering if Naomi will truly be out and open about being gay, we can can rest assured that she’s a lesbian music fan, as her character profile lists Sleater-Kinney and Le Tigre as her favorite bands.

Are you a Skins fan? Will you watch the new crowd in season three? Would you be more interested in there is, in fact, a lesbian character?

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