Ask (Jan. 20, 2009)


Question: I read the AE blog post about Skins maybe having a lesbian character this season — do you know any more about it?

— Lucy, Newcastle, Ireland

Answer: The third season of Skins debuts in the U.K. this week (and on BBC America in the U.S. this Spring) with an all-new cast of teenagers (except for returning character Effy), which includes quirky outsider Naomi (Lily Loveless) — who is mocked in the first episode by overconfident Katie (Megan Prescott) for supposedly making a pass at her twin sister Emily (Kathryn Prescott) in middle school. (I won’t spoil it for you, but Naomi’s response is one of the funniest lines of the episode.)

I have exclusive scoop around the show’s lesbian storyline below — click here to go to the next page if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Here’s what Skins creator Jamie Brittain told us: Naomi isn’t gay — Emily is, but she’s in denial. Emily comes out over the course of the season when she falls in love with and begins dating Naomi (who is in the process of discovering whether she’s gay or bisexual).

Naomi, left, and Emily

When Emily’s twin sister Katie finds out, she’s not happy about it, so Emily has to contend with that on top of the usual coming-out angst.

Skins has a history of treating gay characters and gay storylines fairly well, with only a few missteps, and Naomi and Emily are both likable characters in their own way, so I’m hoping for the best!

Question: Who would win in a fight: Angelina Jolie’s assassin character in Wanted, or her assassin character in Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

— Julie, Evanston, Illinois

Answer: Her assassin character in Wanted, obviously — she can bend bullets! But her black dominatrix outfit in Smith could beat her khakis in Wanted any day.

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