EXCLUSIVE: “The Biggest Loser” star Ali Vincent dishes on her wedding to new wife Jennifer


In 2008, Ali Vincent became the first female to win the title of NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser, but on May 24th, she added “bride” and “wife” to the list of her titles. Ali, who is now a health and fitness motivational expert, married partner Jennifer Krusing in an intimate ceremony in Oakland, California among family and close friends last weekend, and also hosted a couple of wedding crashers.

“There were a couple of people who were eating at the venue where our wedding was and they said they just had to come in and check out our wedding,” Ali said. “I told her that I have always wanted to crash a wedding, so more power to her for having the guts to do it.”

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Jen proposed to Ali while on the beach in Mexico. “[We had] a bottle of wine, just taking in the water and the scenery, when she asked me,” Ali said, “She gave me her grandmother’s ring and I said, ‘You could have given me a piece of string and I would have been happy!’”

Although Ali and Jen used a wedding planner to help with the details and organization of the event, Ali wound up crafting almost all of her decorations—not just because she loves crafting, but because a lot of places didn’t offer same-sex wedding accessories.

“I tried to order anything that had ‘Mrs. & Mrs.’ on it or a cake topper with two women, and either they didn’t have anything like that or they had to special order it,” Ali said. “To which I said, it really shouldn’t be a special order—it should be a standard option.” 


One of her favorite decorations she crafted was their Mrs. & Mrs. sign, which highlighted their wedding colors of navy and begonia. Ali wants to emphasize the wedding colors because all of the articles that have been posted about the wedding so far have called them black and pink.

“I haven’t talked to any press about the wedding,” Ali said. “They are just pulling together what they find on my Facebook or our wedding website and they keep saying the colors are black, but it’s navy. Navy and begonia!”


Ali said she knew there was something different about her feelings for Jen from the moment they met. “In that instant I thought, ‘Wow, this person is super special,” she said. And although Ali speaks to thousands of people on a regular basis, getting through her vows was an emotional moment for her.

“I kept losing my place, I was shaking and she was holding me,” Ali said. “And she is so amazing—her vows to me were all song lyrics because she is so into music and it was such a romantic moment. I know God loves me because he gave me her.”


For some people, the news of Ali marrying a woman was surprising because they had no idea she was gay. Her friends and family knew she was a lesbian, and it wasn’t talked about during her time on The Biggest Loser, but it wasn’t something she hid or she felt defined her.

“I have been out since I was 18,” Ali said. “If you know me, you know I’m gay. But I don’t introduce myself, ‘Hi, I’m Ali Vincent and I’m a lesbian.” 

Having a very traditional wedding was something Ali had always hoped for even though she knew it would seem different to other people because she was marrying a woman. They had father/daughter dances, the dollar dance, she walked down the aisle to Canon in D and they even shoved cake in each others faces.

“You can have whatever wedding you want,” Ali said. “Don’t cut out anything because you may think its different because it’s two women, because its not different, its your wedding and you are marrying the love of your life.”


Ali’s advice to other women planning their big day is to “Remember that you are getting married for you and your partner.” “Be prepared that some people you invite may not come because they don’t agree with it, but still invite them so they know that they are welcome,” Ali said. “It will be their decision not to come.”

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