“The Rich Man’s Daughter” recap (1-7): The Beginning



The Rich Man’s Daughter is the dramatic coming out story of Jade, a beautiful, rich girl living in the Philippines—with lots of sad music, soft crying and almost kissing.

Episode One

We learn the story of how Jade’s family came to be so very wealthy, unhappy and rigid. Her grandfather is a Chinese immigrant who moved to the Philippines, married her grandmother (Ama) and started a family business, which grew to be so successful that now they are rich! They have a white couch, a pool, drink iced tea out of wine glasses and wear blazers even when they are at home.


Jade’s dad (dada), Oscar, is now the CEO of the business, even though he had a falling out with his parents at a young age when he refused an arranged marriage. Instead of his parents’ choice, Oscar married Jade’s mom, Amanda, a woman who wanted to be a famous actress. Show biz was hard, so she had turned to partying.


One of her best acting scenes is this one, where she slaps someone and says, “You’re nothing but a talentless, tasteless pussycat.”


When Oscar’s parents meet Amanda, they are not impressed. They kick them both out of the family.


For years, Amanda tries to win them back, desperate to at least have the family fortune if she can’t have the fame of being an actress. Then she realizes that because they never had a daughter, and Oscar’s parents are dying to have a granddaughter. She tries and, by her third child, finally has Jade. The grandparents are so happy to have a girl that they let Oscar, Amanda and all three kids back into their rich embrace. We get it Jade—you are a really big deal.

Episode 2

Jump to 24 years later. The eldest son, Gabriel, is getting married to a girl named Pearl and Jade is coming home for the wedding. Everyone makes a big deal about how beautiful Jade is. Paul, her second brother, is very cold. She tries to apologize and we find out slowly that Paul is gay and Jade outed him years ago after finding him kissing a guy. He will never forgive her. Because of Jade, Paul has been exiled from the family business and just lazes around the house. Hey, sounds pretty good to me. They still feed him and let them stay in their mansion with a pool—plus he doesn’t have to work.

Jade is so special that even though Ama (her grandma) has Altzheimer’s and cannot remember anyone, she does remember Jade. In fact, for the rest of the show, her Altzheimer’s seems to turn off whenever Jade is around. It’s very convenient.

i dont know you!

At the church where the wedding is taking place, we meet Althea, Gabriel’s super hot wedding planner. All of the guys in the family’s jaws drop. Jade’s creepy uncle hits on Althea, asking her to marry him, but she only says, “Yes, I wish women like me could get married, too.” Everyone is like, WHAT? Women like you? What could you possibly mean?

During the wedding, Jade locks eyes with Althea and they stare at each other for the length of an entire song. What could this possibly mean?



At the wedding reception, Jade asks her friend if she’s ever seen into another person’s soul, because she just did. Her friend tells her that the person must have been her soulmate, but Jade says, no, it can’t be—it was a girl. Her friend says, “Gross, what are you doing looking at girls anyway?” Could it be that a….lesbian….romance is brewing? 

what is this feeling_

In the bathroom, Jade drops her lipstick cap and it rolls under a stall. Althea laughs at her and helps her get it back. They giggle like little kids and stare at each other again for the length of another entire song.

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