“Sense8” premieres next week with a lead trans lesbian character


Next week Netflix will premiere Sense8, their new sci-fi drama series from The Wachowskis (aka the directors of Bound, people!). While a little hard to describe, the show is essentially about eight people around the world (sense8s) who find they are connected in really intense ways. Among them is Nomi, a trans lesbian character, played by transgender actress Jamie Clayton.

Without spoiling anything, I will say Nomi is a character unlike any we’ve seen before, and her relationship with her girlfriend Amanita (played by Freema Agyeman) is pretty fucking cool. In the first episode, we meet them in a very provocative way, and they later head out to San Fransisco Pride. Huge props to out trans director Lana Wachowski for creating such a nuanced character and queer relationship. Check out some behind-the-scenes shots of Jamie as Nomi:

sense_bts_004_hsense_bts_003_hsense_s1_011_h_U7A0906.dngphotos via Netflix

We’ll be posting our interview with Jamie next week, in time for the premiere. In the mean time, follow her on Twitter @MsJamieClayton. You can find Freema on Twitter, too (@FreemaOfficial), as well as the show itself (@sense8). We’ll be recapping the series, so watch it with us starting June 5 on Netflix.

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