“Finding Carter” recap (2.9): Putting on a Show


Way previously on Finding Carter, the twins found out that Lori is actually their bio-mom, which sent Taylor on a bit of a downward spiral. Last week, Madison, Carter’s friend from her old life, showed up to remind Carter how awesome things used to be, and also to tell her that she’s still in touch with Lori. During a Wilson family reconciliation, Carter found out that Lori tried to kill herself.

This week’s episode picks up the morning after Elizabeth’s birthday celebration. David and Elizabeth worry about Carter, and how she’s taking the news of Lori’s attempted suicide. Upstairs, Carter is on the phone with Lori’s doctor. He wants to know if she will come in to meet him, but Carter says no. Taylor hears the end of the convo, and gets huffy that the doctor even considers Carter to be Lori’s family. I mean, Lori is her biological mother and she raised Carter for, like, 13 years. So, maybe slow your roll there, TayTay.

Carter also seems unamused by Taylor’s reaction, so she heads over to Bird’s to talk to Max, because Max is the best. While they’re processing, Madison and Bird come in, pulling a Willow from “Doppelgangland” move, all, “LOL who died? … Oh wait, seriously, who died?” Carter tells them what happened and Madison is really upset, claiming that she thought Lori was doing better.

Madison asks if Carter is going to talk to her or see her, and Carter says no, because she doesn’t want to get sucked into Lori’s drama again. Madison starts to get worked up about it, because she thinks it’s obvious that Lori is mentally ill and needs support. She says that she knows Lori has done terrible things, but she could’ve died and Carter doesn’t even care.

photo1Only, like, half a fuck left to give, tbh.

Outside in the car, it looks like Madison’s words perhaps did have an effect on Carter, because she tells Max that she wants to meet the doctor. He disagrees, claiming it’s not her responsibility, but, because he’s the most loyal puppy to ever puppy, he will drive Carter to the doctor.

Back at the house, Gammy has has turned the living room into a high-fashion dressing room in preparation for some charity fundraiser later in the day. Elizabeth forgot that she had committed to helping out, and, when she finds out that Carter has gone to meet Lori’s doctor, tells Taylor that she’s sorry, but she can’t do it. Taylor is, of course, super pissy about it, and she whines until Elizabeth changes her mind. Ugh, Taylor, please stop.

Elizabeth calls David, wondering if maybe he should go after Carter while she prances around in dresses. (I guess? Still unclear what this fundraiser is.) David, however, is pretty busy, because he’s got some rogue demons to hunt, and also he thinks Carter would’ve asked for their help if she wanted it, so he politely declines. He tries to reassure Elizabeth that Carter will come back to them.

In the car, Carter feels a bunch of feelings and experiences a montage of mom/daughter Lori flashbacks. She’s got the stack of letters that Lori sent her (and she never opened). Carter is feeling guilty because she never answered any of the letters, so she wonders if Lori’s attempted suicide is her fault. Max reassures her, because he’s a perfect, beautiful man with the hair of a goddess.

Back at the house, I think Gammy and Taylor talk about some feelings, but I’m not really sure because boobs:

photo2You can get it, Libby.

Kyle shows up, smirking about the boob-show and asking Elizabeth out to dinner, because he’s got something he wants to talk to her about. She’s like, “Listen, dude, I’m just dealing with a lot of things today, and my tits are out, and I think maybe my mother is trying to prostitute me out to strangers in the name of charity later? Can I take a raincheck?”

Over at Bird’s house, Madison is kind of freaking out about the way she left things with Carter. Bird’s like, “Don’t sweat it—one time I literally plastered the entire school with thousands of copies of a picture of Carter’s face that she hated, and she totally forgave me!”

Madison also reveals that the reason she even showed up in town in the first place is because Lori asked her to. Bird thought that she got kicked out of her house for being a big old lezzie. Madison’s like, “Why yes, Bird, I do enjoy the touch of a woman, if you must know. But after being kicked out, I called Lori and she sent me here to lure her daughter away.” Bird thinks that’s fucked, and Madison agrees. They also do some eyeball flirting and decide to go to the fundraiser tonight to see Carter and apologize.

photo3“Let’s circle back to that whole ‘touch of a woman’ thing later.”

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