Kate McKinnon talks social media and playing Hillary Clinton with five other faves


Kate McKinnon joins Ellie Kemper, Gina Rodriguez, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer in a roundtable cover story for The Hollywood Reporter this week. (I KNOW, RIGHT!?) And while the entire conversation is worth reading (that’s an order!), here are some of the out SNL star’s best bits.


She’s not going to join social media.

“I send emails and text messages to about five people. Other than that, it’s absolutely zero. I’m very frightened of saying anything. I scare myself. (Laughter.) I don’t want to put anything out there that could misrepresent my feelings. If I had Instagram, it would be pictures of my son, who is a cat. That’s mostly what’s going on with me.”

She has a lot of say in what she plays on SNL

“A lot because we participate in the writing of it. [Playing] Justin Bieber was originally handed to me by [“Weekend Update” anchor] Colin Jost, who wrote it. I hadn’t played boys before, and now I’ve made a habit of it.”

This fun exchange was had:

THR: What have you said no to?

Kate: Tits out! (Laughter.)

Gina: You look like you have great tits.

Kate: Thank you so much. There’s nothing I’ve said no to because it’s probably been vetoed already by the people in charge. But if it came to it, I’d stand up for myself.


Truly, Kate is a girl after my own heart.

“I’ll work for a hamburger. … I just want to be onstage. And I want a hamburger.”

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