Ksenia Solo teases what’s in store for Shay this season on “Orphan Black”


Season 3 of Orphan Black is a little more than halfway done, and it has been one hell of a ride. Among new enemies, new questions, and even ever-so-briefly a new clone, one of the most titillating new things about this season has been Cosima’s sensual relationship with Shay, a holistic healer she met on the online dating app, Sapphire. Despite causing the ocean to tremble with the threat of ship wars, there is no doubt that Ksenia Solo was a much-anticipated and much-appreciated addition to the Orphan Black cast.

Ksenia Solo 004photo by Gilles Toucas

Though she’s been a busy little bee since leaping from SyFy’s final season of Lost Girl, Ksenia graciously took the time to give us a quick email interview and some inside scoop on what it’s like to be the newest member of the Clone Club.


AfterEllen: What was it like joining the Orphan Black cast for Season 3? What made you want to be part of the show?

Ksenia Solo: I’ve been a fan from the beginning so it was awesome.


AE: What is your favorite thing about playing Shay?

KS: She has a very different rhythm and energy than any other characters I’ve played. It was interesting to explore.


AE: What do you think it is about Shay that drew Cosima in so immediately, despite her initial hesitations?

KS: I think it’s her warmth and free spirit.


AE: A lot of people come into the clones’ lives with ill intentions… Can we trust Shay?

KS: You’ll just have to watch and see!


AE: Will Shay meet Delphine? How will that go?

KS: I can’t give too much away, but let’s just say that their paths are bound to cross…


[Editor’s Note: I submitted these questions before the most recent episode of “Orphan Black” aired, at the end of which we see a preview for this coming episode, 3.07, that seems to show Delphine at Shay’s door, Shay not loving that her new gal’s ex has appeared at her door and Delphine giving zero fucks about how Shay feels.]


AE: Which episode was your favorite to film? (And I know you probably can’t tell us, but it doesn’t hurt to ask: Why was it your favorite?)

KS: I really enjoyed episode 5, which was the first one I did. I had such a blast filming that bar scene with Tatiana.


AE: Will Shay interact with any other clones besides Cosima? If so, what was that like, working with the same actress as two separate characters? And working with a double?

KS: What I can say is that I did briefly work with Tatiana’s double, Kathryn Alexandre, and she was absolutely lovely.


AE: Before we learned your character’s name, our readers were calling her “Kenzi” because we were already so familiar with your character in Lost Girl. But Shay turned out to be pretty much the opposite of Kenzi. Do you think you’re more of a Shay or a Kenzi?

KS: I will always love Kenzi and she will always be a huge part of me but I spent almost six years creating her. Characters are like people—they grow and change and evolve.

Shay is very new to me, I like her and the fact that she is the complete opposite of Kenzi, but it will take some time for me to really get to know her.



AE: Since Kenzi was our favorite bisexual succubus’s bestie, you already had plenty of LGBT fangirls hooked, but now (assuming Shay doesn’t murder Cosima) you’ve earned a special kind of loyalty. Are you working on anything we can see you in once Orphan Black goes on hiatus and we’re all in Shay withdrawal (or before!)?

KS: You can also see me play Peggy Shippen, a cunning socialite and wife of America’s most notorious traitor, on AMC’s period drama Turn.


AE: And, just for fun: What would your reaction be if you found out you were a clone?

KS: I would be thrilled. And would definitely want to meet all of my sisters.


Tune in to see Ksenia on Orphan Black this Saturday at 9/10c on BBC America.

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